Anyone having their viva soon?



Just wondered if anyone has their viva in the next few days. Mine is on Monday 19th.

There have been some inspirational stories on here and that me gives me hope. My journey has been a very tough one and I can't believe it is nearly coming to an end. I posted here a few weeks ago about my child passing away during my PhD studies. Well, my viva is on the 1st anniversary of her death. Not sure how I will get through such a tough day but I am hoping for good news.

I met with my supervisor last week for a mock viva and he was very encouraging. That calmed my nerves down a lot.

It would be good to share preparation tips.

Thanks for reading.


I remember your story SK100. I wish you the best of luck. I will be thinking of you.

I do not think anyone is still around to remember me ( ), but reading this forum has kept me going ever since.

I have my viva tomorrow afternoon and I am terrified. I feel ill every time I think of it :$


Thanks for your reply. Seems like you had a tough time. I wish you all the very best for tomorrow. I was totally on my own during my research and had to change topic. However, my supervisor was really brilliant once the draft was handed in. Aside from my personal issues, my PhD was a really confidence shattering experience.

What things have helped you to prepare?


Thank you.

Well I have read the thesis again carefully making sure I understand everything, and have gone over the mathematical models in it. I have also read some of the key references in the thesis, to remind myself how my work relates to them and how it is different, extending knowledge etc. I have also found this thread very useful and have tried to prepare for the questions Koturu wrote. Finally I have tried to make summaries of the chapters in the thesis, main questions, hypotheses, main results and conclusions.

I am not sure how helpful this is, or whether this is the right thing to do but I guess I will find out tomorrow. I think it will be key to remain calm, and polite. Easier said than done :p


How did it go? Hope you had good news.


Hello SKY100
I hope that you are relaxed about your viva. Think of it as an opportunity for you to talk with peers about the work that you have produced over the past years. Be resilient if need be with questions, but recognise that examijners really only want to hear you explain how you approched your research, why you made the research decisons that you did and how you can justify your conclusions. Asking those question is not a criticisn but geniuine professional scholalry curiousity. Very few doctoral vivas are unpleasant affairs ~ believe me!
You actually started preparing for your viva when you registered for your doctorate . . . . . so use that experience to defend the work that is in your thesis.
Best wishes vernontrafford


Hi Sk100 I hope your viva went well :-)