Anyone watched any good films recently


Just watched 'The Cottage'. Jennifer Ellison made me laugh. She had a turn-of-phrase similar to the first Mrs.Golfpro.


"In Bruges": one of the funniest movies I've seen so far this year. Colin Farrell, Brendan glesson and Ralph Fiennes are the main actors in it. A must see. Soon to be released in the UK ( I think)


"The Chorus" (in French, but interesting). "The Holiday" or "Shop Girl" - both hilarious. "Hitch" and "In Pursuit of Happyness" [sic, on spelling) - Will Smith at his interesting best. Must say, I love movies. Need them too! Yay!


I saw "The Orphanage" recently - VERY scary. But also very sad. Unlike most ghost/horror films, this actually had a really good plot. be prepared for some "jump out of your seat" moments though!


'Control' was very, very good. Also 'Juno' was really well written, funny and moving.


Just watched Cloverfield on DVD. Could have written better myself.


The Departed with Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio was pretty cool. Pretty hardcore violence but good.


'27 dresses' showing now. a must see for all you romantics


just watched Meet the parents and meet the fockers on DVD. May watch two more movies tonight to switch off from research.

Cloverfield I didn't like much because of the shaking camera perspective.


Saw Conan the Barbarian last night



My favourite two of the year to date...'La Vie en Rose' and 'There will be Blood'.


I watched "La Vie En Rose" last night - wonderful film! I never listened to Piaf before but want to go and get some of her music now. The actress who played her was amazing!


Yes, an amazing film. Well worth a couple of hours of anyones time.


Sweeney Todd - terrible film, but worth watching for the divine and gorgeous Alan Rickman in VERY tight trousers


I wanted to go see the Other Boleyn Girl, having read and really enjoyed the book--but the price and the long walk to the theatre put me off. Now that I am restored to Youtube viewing possibilities, I have looked at the trailers and am glad I did not go. It looks ugh.