Article Request



Need the following 3 articles. Happy to post out some fancy fruit tea for anyone who can help!

Lowe, J Drasdo, N (1992) Patients’ responses to retinitis pigmentosa. Optometry and Vision Science 69:182-185.

Szlyk, Janet P.; Arditi, Aries; Bucci, Patricia C.; Laderman, Denice. Self-report in functional assessment of low vision. Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness, Vol 84(2), Feb 1990, 61-66.

ALVAN R. FEINSTEIN, M.D.; BRUCE R. JOSEPHY, M.S.; and CAROLYN K. WELLS, M.P.H. Scientific and Clinical Problems in Indexes of Functional Disability. Ann Intern Med. 1986;105(3):413-420.



The first one should be freely available at:

For the second one maybe you can ask the authors directly:

Sorry, no access for the third one or the journal either.


P.S. Thanks a lot for the offer of tea, that's very kind, but what actually would help in my case if you could look up whether you have access to these articles:


Hi Rina,

Many thanks for your reply. The first one isn't freely available, but another member has kindly forwarded me the article.

I did have a check to see if I could access your requests before I even started this thread- but sadly I can't access either of them, sorry.

Thanks again for your help


Hi, glad you have accessed the first one. Just checked again its open availability - it is. I am not logged in through my uni, just followed the link on the right hand side to PDF file.


I have the third article. PM me your e-mail and I'll send it on to you.