Atchoo! How to work with a cold?


Battling a cold and a deadline.
Why does this always happen? Just when I need to be at my best, all the synapses firing, I get a stupid stuffy head and feel all tired and floppy. I know that the answer is probably going to be paracetamol every four hours, honey and lemon in hot water, rest and plenty of fluids but just in case someone is researching how to win against the common cold and finish writing a PhD I thought I would ask!
Go on - there must be something I can do to get through this?!


Hi Florence!

I 've spent the last couple of days in bed, with a mild fever, feeling not too bad, but not good enough to crack on with work. At least, I don't have a deadline... Today, I still feel rubbish and so bored!
I hope we both feel better soon! Try to rest, sleep well, eat well.Atchoo!


You sound as if you need some of my very soothing and medicinal Sloe Whisky :)


Unfortunately the cold has to run its course while your immune system deals with it! I find Lemsip max is pretty good for short periods of clear head but these things just make you feel better rather than dealing with the virus. Get plenty of sleep too. I would suggest doing the mundane easy chores for now so progress is being made and work on the more complex parts when your head is feeling more motivated. Not easy but in a couple of days it will be much better.


Best not to do anything at all to your work, you will only be discarding it later. You may do a little light sorting of the lit journals, if you feel up to it, otherwise give in and  go and watch the TV or something and indulge in your favourite snackette. You may find that your brain will be working away on its own and when you are better, you will have loads of ideas just waiting to go. that is much better than being confronted with pages of stuff which make no real sense and which you will have to rewrite anyway. You will feel much better in a day or so, and will probably get over it sooner than if you try to battle on.


Hi Florence,

I hope you wrap up warm and take care of yourself! Working when ill is never fun, but it's good to try and make yourself feel nice and warm. I know it's just a 'silly home remedy' but I always find that a mug hot milk and honey, along with a blueberry muffin (though not a chocolate one....), helps we work when I have a cold. :-) I always try and take effervescent vitamin C tablets too (I don't think these really work, but it seems to help psychologically!). Just don't put them straight in your mouth, as I once found out.....(my lab book pages still have bright orange foam stains on them :$ ).

Best wishes


Thumbs up to Joyce - I wish I had read and followed that piece of advice a few days ago! I found myself ridden with feeling of guilt and exhaustion because I tried to hard (and failed) to be productive. I do have a deadline also.
The cold's now gone, but I'm left with a bad earache and swollen aching eyes... For the eyes though I found something amazing after watching an episode of Freak Like Me on BBC iPlayer - this guy was talking about how much he loved putting warm green tea bags on his eyes and I thought 'what the heck' and went ahead and tried it. In fact, it works wonders and I couldn't recommend it enough!