Attend Graduation?


I am debating whether to attend my upcoming graduation. I absolutely hate my department, as they did everything they could to sabotage me during my studies due to my disability. Then today the department chair informed me that I was not smart enough for a faculty position and wouldn't get one anyways due to my lack of 'preparation' and should consider other things. In addition, I am in a slump right now, with few job prospects, and not feeling in a celebratory mood.

Your thoughts??


I've decided not to go. Its going to cost me around £100 (gown and travel etc). I just don't see the point. Instead I am going to throw a party with close friends and family :)


I'm going! I don't know anybody there apart from my supervisor as I was never on campus but I think I would regret not going - should be fun!


I went! I did not know anyone but my two supervisors.
I traveled from Greece with my parents and we had a great time.
I also attended my graduation at both my master degrees.
I like these ceremonies, eventhough i don't like ceremonies in general


I'd do it! Even just for yourself! You have worked really hard! Just don't tell your dept when your ceremony is if you don't want them there!

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You have completed a great milestone in your life and deserve to acknowledge and celebrate this in the way you think and feel best.
Don't let your department put you off, if you normally would have anticipated attending, but understand if you would prefer a different form of celebration.

I'll fly out again to attend mine this time round. I attended my undergrad but have graduated in absentia with my postgraduate qualifications up until now. It will be a bit of a trip but I've made the decision to do it this time (if and when that is-hoping it is late this year if all goes well).


I've never attended any of my graduations (UG, Masters) - if you don't want to then don't!

On the other hand if you think you will change your mind and will want to go, then you should probably just book it and plan to go.

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Hi PhDdiva, I didn't feel like going to my PhD graduation due to fatigue really. I didn't attend my masters one for similar reasons to the ones you've given. Plus I've never been into the fuss of it all.

In the end I went to the PhD ceremony for my mum and dad. It turned out to be an amazing day, and I am so very glad I went. It's YOUR day, not the rag-tags' in your department. Do what you want. Try to ignore them. It really is a biggie, like a wedding or something. And it seals the process psychologically.


Yeh that's been my one regret - lack of closure.