Baby on the way


Hello all. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I have been accepted to commence my PhD this fall with funding, but just found out my wife is pregnant. While we are incredibly excited, I am very nervous about being able to support our family on a Phd stipend. We had a nice plan in place for her to work while I go back to school, but now that scenario changes.
Any advice on pushing ahead with Phd and figuring it out along the way, or delaying my studies to keep some financial security? Thanks


To me it's simple. If your total income covers all your monthly costs then do the PhD.

I am just about to finish the Phd in the next few months and we have had 2 children during those 3 years. It's not easy. There are drawbacks about being a Phd student with a baby (sleep, sickness, teething, etc) but there are also many benefits. For me, I found that it kicked my ass into gear and got me focused on finishing on time (which I will).

The first one is the hardest so stick together and you'll both be fine.


You can be on benefits? it can help. This is if your entitle for it.


Hi Honu

If you have enough funds to cover you every month then it would be ok. We have two kids, my hubby is doing part-time work on weekends and we manage to survive on about 1000 pounds per month! We are based in Glasgow by the way, things are cheaper here than London. Here's wishing everything will be ok !