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I think this thread should solely focus on those who have graduated with a Phd or Masters. For others who wish to know about a particular postgrad programme, perhaps it is better for them to start a new thread. Just my humble opinion.

Postgrad Forum Hall of Fame

Had my viva in Sept 2014, got an R & R.
Finally submitted my r & r corrections in April 2016, passed with minor corrections in August 2016, did all my corrections in one months. Awarded Phd in English Studies in October 2016.

Attended my graduation in Scotland in June 2017. Woo-hoo !

Not so clean colleagues ?

A is a senior with regard to rank and also age. Other seniors know that he is a bit on the dodgy side but they don't seem to want to complain about him to the higher-ups. Or, perhaps someone had complained before. Since he is already a permanent lecturer, the management can't really sack him, unless he has stolen a really huge sum of money from the college.

I have a feeling I am being made the scapegoat here, so that people can complain about me when things go wrong.

I think I will have to try and compile everything from various sources. If everything fails, I will just do my worst (!) and then pray someone else is selected to take over my post !

Nobody wants these extra duties. If only we could just be allowed to teach and do research, instead of having to handle all these admin work !

Thanks Pjlu.

Not so clean colleagues ?

Hi guys, I wonder if any of you have this problem. I am in my second year of employment in a small college. I have been asked to head a programme which involves part-timers. The problem is, the syllabus and everything related to the course seem to be a mess. One person, A, seems to be teaching almost all subjects, there is no proper filing, previous semester's marks are often missing, that sort of thing. I asked the previous head to help me; unfortunately his answer always seem to be 'I do not have those files.' I am a junior in this department, and the seniors would tell me to be more firm, especially regarding A, who is also a senior, and also to keep all the course specifications up to date. So What do I do when I don't know anything about what is going on ?

Resubmission result - minor corrections !

Thanks everyone !

Resubmission result - minor corrections !

Hi everyone, just wanted to share my joy after my resubmitted thesis had been given a 'minor corrections' verdict. Phew !
I would like to thank Marasp, Pineapple, AnZ, J Stanley and others for their kind words of encouragement on this forum. It was a nerve-wrecking 18 months (please follow my posts) but I am really glad it is (almost) over !

Anyone else doing their corrections?

Hi Caro
Good luck on your corrections !
I got an R n R and was given 1 1/2 year to do my corrections (maximum period). I was ill most of the time during that period and just managed to re-submit last April.
I am still waiting for the examiners' comments on my re-submitted thesis.

Waiting for Result After Minor Revisions

Hi Anz
I submitted my corrections (well Rn R actually) in late April and had been told last month that I would be getting the results last week. I have been waiting and been checking my e-mails and there is no reply from my first supervisor. I am consoling myself that it is now summer holidays in the UK (where I am right now, we don't have summer hols) so the examiners may be taking some time to compose their reports. I have a teaching job right now based on my M.A, and it would be nice to get a salary upgrade if I finally get a PhD ! Oh well. I guess I will just have to wait then, perhaps until September for the full report.

New life post-PhD?

Quote From Eska:
Thank you! Do you think getting an academic post helps at all?

I am aiming for a work-life balance actually, and it's kind of hard with having an academic post. Where I am working right now, the doctorate holders are expected to supervise their Masters and Phd students on Saturdays. And saturdays are the time when I really spend time with the family.

New life post-PhD?

I did my Phd in the UK, and brought up my kids there as well.
I came back 2 years ago to my country to work and pay off the scholarship.
For me, I will always miss the environment in the UK. The quality of life seemed better in the UK. Here it is always rush rush rush !
My current friends are senior teachers who are teaching on contract basis :)
I miss the kind of friends I had in Glasgow as a graduate student...heh !

Revise and re-submit...soon

Hi guys, I haven't been here for quite some time. Had my viva in September 2014 but got an R n R. Due to some health issue, I was given maximum period to revise my PhD.

I will be re-submitting soon in April. I have more or less followed the examiners' recommendations. At the same time, I have recycled some stuff from my previous work. The thesis is not as thick as the one before, but I just want to get this over with.

It hasn't been easy trying to work and re-write a thesis. I had my health issues, then some money issues, and on top of that I have a family to care for. The books I wanted for reference were not available in my country !
To make it worse, I had a skin ailment to start the New Year with ( !) , but it looks like it's going to be cured soon.

To those who are re-submitting, all the best. Just keep on writing everyday. You will soon get to the finishing line .

:( Revise and resubmit PhD thesis in 12 months!!! Success stories?

Quote From Noisemap:
Anyone there????I am a R & R...had my viva last week and it went so bad....it lasted for 6 hours...even knowing it was going to be wrong from the beginning, the external made me suffer and being in tension until the end. I do not understand why these things happen...it is so unfair. i have worked so hard, all my reviews were fine...i knew it needed maybe some corrections...but not for r & r plus possible re-viva. The external made me feel humiliated...no positive comment during those 6 hours, everything was wrong according to her criteria. They have given me 12 months and I am going to start a job soon...I do not even know if i will be able to do what they are asking me to change as i am already sick of it and i am devastated. What happen if i fail again? I am not sure I can cope with it if it happens again. Any advice? Thanks for being there. PD. the fact i suggested that external to my supervisor make me feel even worst...i thought she was going to give me useful feedback instead of making me feel like shit!!!

Hi Noisemap
I'm currently doing my R & R too. My advice to you is to have a short rest of one week or two, and then get down to do it. Allocate one hour to do it every day. That's what I'm doing. I just started a new job this month, and am trying my best to write a page a day. I've got more or less 200 days to go and have only done 3 chapters. 2 more to go ! It is a pain, and I've got to pay 200 pound for the thesis fees, but what the heck. All the best !

The strange post-PhD year (or more) - what did/will you do?

Hi Mr Doctor

Here's my story :
I came back to my home country last year after spending quite some time in the UK.
I submitted my thesis ( Humanities-based) in April last year & had my viva in September. During the five month period, I earned some money doing proofreading and translations. In September, I got an R & R verdict for my work, and am still dragging my feet with the corrections.
I started to look for work aggressively in October last year. I sent about 14 applications and have had 10 interviews. I attended interviews at various unis, colleges and one publishing company.
I had a verbal offer to teach from a uni but as it was 300 kms away from my current home, I had to decline it.
I just recently managed to get a job teaching college students (18-19 year olds). I think the HR people were looking for someone with teaching experience ( I had 9 years' experience) rather than someone with a PhD.
It was a really depressing experience looking for jobs, and the fact that I had to explain my rather dismal PhD performance to all the HR people made it worse. I wouldn't want my kids to go through what I did.

I used to dream of becoming an academic but I guess I have to be content with what I have now :D

If I didn't manage to get any jobs after 2 years, I would probably do proofreading & translation on a more aggressive basis then. I would look into obtaining a certificate of translation from a translation institute or that sort of thing.

Hope this helps.

R&R - what did you have to do?

I have to do quite a lot for my R n R. It involves revising every chapter and adding to the literature review. I can't get access to important books as I am now back in my home country, where books from the UK and the US can be very expensive. I am now relying on journal articles from my UK uni library.

Thankfully, there are certain parts in the thesis which can be re-used, so I just copy and paste the relevant sections.

I just managed to scrape 200 pounds for the writing up fees which could have been useful for getting myself a new laptop. I am now dependent on my spouse as I am still looking for a permanent job. Honestly, I have felt very close to giving up but I can't give up now for the sake of my kids. I need to be a good example to them.

Viva R&R

Hi Pablo

I also had an R n R verdict for my viva last September. I was quite depressed with the outcome and it was only 4 months later that I managed to start working on my thesis.

I was supposed to re-submit in October this year but I applied for leave of absence due to nausea and migraine early this year. I am slowly working on the chapters and hope to re-submit before April 2016.

The r n r is quite an arduous and heart-breaking process to me, because I felt like my four years of writing had been thrown to the dogs just like that, but I'm determined to do my best this time. I would suggest that you take a month's break, wait for the list of corrections first from the examiners and then try to do one correction per day. It is a do-able process so don't be disheartened.

All the best !