Backing up work - recommendations?


Hi everyone,

I'm currently looking for a way to back up my work. I already use dropbox, but I'm thinking of getting a removable hard disk. Can anyone recommend something portable, reliable, not too expensive, probably around the 500GB range, maybe 1TB depending on cost?

Thanks very much.



I have a few Iomega eGo drives. They're USB compatible, as well as Firewire for Mac users, and very reliable and easy to use in my experience. I have one for each of my computers at home, and backup using the TimeMachine software on my Macs.


Oooh, you've gone up to 5 stars. Nice! Any more for any more? Especially if you've used SeaGate, Samsung, or Toshiba...


Hi 4matt.

I use Carbonite for online stuff, maybe the same as your dropbox.  i use a HP 500 GB hard-drive, I also have 2 memory sticks, and a series of CD / DVDs where i back things up weekly. Not that i'm obsessed with backup.

As far as remember there wasn't much difference in the cost of hard drives when i bought one for my mum.  She's got clickfree - idiot proof as the name suggests. i think it was 500Gb maybe £150.

Best and get backing up asap.



I got a Seagate drive which corrupted irretrievably the third time I ran the backup prog, though I have been told by others that they are reliable so maybe mine was an aberration.

I now double back up onto 2 16gb memory sticks (my files aren't large), given my experience with the hard drive I would suggest at least having your most critical files backed up elsewhere even if you can't do the whole lot.

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I have an 80gb external drive, and two 1tb external drives, I think one is maxdrive and I *think* the other is seagate - its brushed steel looking and has a little stand. I'd say the maxdrive is a bit rubbish - always seems to be having issues with the USB connection (even though i use the same lead for that and the other drive) - I just copied everything over from the maxdrive to the other to be sure.

I also have dropbox which is fantastic, but not big enough to hold stuff like interview sound files, and I don't want to put any sensitive/confidential data on there. I also worry that one day dropbox might close their company and everything will be lost!

Edited to say - actually its this one
had it for about a year now - seems fine, although i notice the 1.5tb is now the same price.


Have a Toshiba - it's great. Light, reasonably priced and reliable.
Also multiple memory sticks, drop box and I email work to myself.


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I've a Samsung HD which is reasonably priced, light and compact. Mine is 500GB but I saw a 1 TB HD recently which was very reasonably priced (about 75 pounds). I'm sure there are quite a few on the market.

I also use a few USB sticks as they are so handy, e-mail and the uni shared drive for additional piece of mind! You can't have your work saved in too many places as my experiences have taught me and constantly update your copies as it's a pain to find the most recent copy otherwise.


I use a Freecom ToughDrive as an external hardrive. I think it is Samsung as this is what appears when it comes on-line with the laptop. It now comes as a 750GB at £140 ish. I have had mine a while so it is a smaller GB size but has loads of space left. I try to back up on this, our home network shared drive, emails to myself, dropbox etc. I think I need to get in the habit of regularly backing up at this stage (draft thesis) so I don't lose too much if I have to go back to an older version. Previously I used USB sticks but found they corrupted easily.


Hi Mat - I'm a little late to the party for this post but here is my two pennies worth.

I have had good experience a laCie USB 2 drive as my main back up - as an Apple computer user this backs up automatically the whole system every hour.

My 'important' files ie all PHd, Endnote etc I also synchronise up to a cloud disk daily (I use mobileme but others such as the Windows Live SkyDisk are out there). Finally each month I put these important files onto a DVD so I have a sequential back up incase one gets a virus or something equally nasty necessitating using an older version.

My system has been tested twice when I survived failure of a hard drive and then a corrupted system file forcing me to reinstall from a blank disk and have not lost anything so I am happy that this is a robust process.


I ruined my laptop last night! Clumsily spilled my drink all over the keyboard, which soaked through and ruined the motherboard. Took it to the computer shop and they pulled out the hard drive and sold me one of those SATA/IDE cable thingamajigs...

I hadn't backed up my work for a couple of weeks, so was panicking, but everything was safe and sound on the hard drive. I've just copied it all onto the computer at work and onto two memory sticks. Very frightening....