Bank Holidays


Just trying to justify a bit of weekday drinking next week. So, do people take bank holidays off? Since technically every PhD day is both a holiday and a work day, I'm in favour of getting very drunk and hopefully soaking up the sun.

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It depends if hubby is working on his PhD as well - then we will both sit in and work, or maybe do half a day out and half a days work.

I've just been out for a max 15 min dog walk, most of which has been in the shade and I've come back like a lobster, so no sun for me. In fact I wish it would leave as I HATE the sun - too hot, get burnt, uncomfortable, can't go outside :-(


I voted yes. But then I'm pretty lazy and look for any excuse!
This time howevr I have a whole load of marking to do and may put aside sometime monday for it/


To add a new element to it, me and my office mates (yes, we;re first years) went and got hammered today. Is it still okay to take next week off? :-)


I do not want to speak ethically but drinking is related to many diseases including liver and kidney diseases. The last time I had alcoholic drink was at the millennium.


I live in Scotland and a bank holiday is just that: a holiday for the banks. Though often they're still working too! My hubby (previously post-doc RA, now research fellow at uni) works on bank holidays. It's just another day for us. Nothing special.


getting pissed while getting a tan is a win win! So yes!


BB - I'm in Scotland too and most people I know here will be taking it off. I'm in labs often but there'll be no staff in that day so I'll be at home (that counts as a day off for me!). I voted 'yes' but I might just work from home that day, otherwise I'll feel guilty!