Bedtime stories!


Jumping jack rabbits! That's all I can say about my latest idea for seeking entertainment when you're in your third year of a PhD. A couple of nights ago, I thought I'd start reading fiction as a way of winding down from my work at the end of a day. However, I couldn't bear the thought of yet more reading, since that's what I seem to spend my life doing. So, I had a little think and came up with the idea of listening to audio books. I used to just think audio books where for old ladies with age-related macular degeneration. How wrong I was. With a good narrator, they can be an excellent form of entertainment. I load them onto my mp3 player and just go to bed listening to them. I've just finished listening to The Road (brilliant story, but bit of a downer) and I've started listening to World War Z.
I know the post may seem a little silly, but I find it an excellent form of relaxation so I thought I'd share my idea with everyone. :-)

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Thanks Walmin, that sounds like a great ide; I really miss reading for pleasure, but can't face more books when I'm switching off. tend t o listen to the radio, guess this would take things a step further. (up)


This is a really good idea! I used to read loads before I started my PhD but now I too can't face any more reading at the end of the day. Will defo have to give audiobooks a try, thanks for the info! :-)


It is a very good idea. I use audiobooks quite frequently (they certainly spare my eyes). For large works such as Ulysses they can be very useful (the unabridged version consists of 32 CDs!).


I'm stocking up on audiobooks at the minute because I'm on the waiting list for a corneal transplant and expect the affected eye to be sore and very light-sensitive afterwards. I figure a big pile of audiobooks will make ideal company while I sit in a darkened room feeling sorry for myself! Trouble is, I keep wanting to listen to them NOW.

World War Z is a top tip - might just have to spend that £15!


I used to listen to these in the car but haven't at all lately. My fiancé never likes reading when he's been at work all day so perhaps I'll encourage him to start downloading them. Then he can listen to his ipod while I get to read novels in bed - somehow I can always divide work reading from pleasure reading. My only problem with audio books is that they're either abridged or take absolutely for ever to finish by comparison to reading them yourself (especially if you've worked on speed reading)!

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try flight of the conchords audiobook! and any standup comedy