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A Common Problem?

I'm a few days away from a chapter submission. It might seem a bit odd, but a common experience of mine is to feel a bit helpless at such times. Having made the changes that my supervisor recommended, I feel that my revision readings have descended into a synonym hunt! While I don't want to make substantial alterations at this stage (my supervisor advised against it), I feel like I should be doing something with the chapter.

This chapter is due to be read by two other faculty members. It is quite long (almost 30,000 words), so reading carefully from start to finish is extremely time-consuming.

I would like to know what other people do at such times.

Microsoft 2007 Problems

@Sneaks and Joyce - thanks for taking the time to reply. I eventually managed to sort it out (well, my supervisor did!). Somehow, I inserted both line and page breaks - I have no idea how I managed to do that! I haven't been using Word 2007 for all that long, so I know very little about its range of options. Thanks once again to all who replied to this thread.

Microsoft 2007 Problems

Thanks for the replies - your help is much appreciated. I followed the steps that both of you mentioned. Alas, still no change.

Microsoft 2007 Problems

In a document that I'm working on at present there is a large amount of unwanted space between my second and third paragraphs (I have no idea how it got there). When I try to move the third paragraph back up, nothing happens other than the deletion of the period which ends my second paragraph. I've selected the "don't add space between paragraphs of the same style" option, but nothing changes. All the rest of my paragraphs are evenly-spaced. I have no idea how to fix this, but I would certainly appreciate any advice.


[quote]Quote From Cobweb:

I know that he thinks a lot of me, and loves me a lot - He tells me that every day.

I do not wish to seem callous, but that statement indicates just how trapped you are. His actions totally refute his words. His power over you is such that your very idea of love is questionable. It's extremely sad that you can believe that a lack of respect, together with a history of lies and at least one cheating incident is indicative of love. Whatever you choose, I wish you well.


Hi Cobweb,

This man has lied to you, cheated on you, and jeopardised your academic future. You will never be able to alter the first two issues, but I can only hope that you will do what is necessary to change the last. You can blame him as much as you wish and you have every reason to - his behaviour is despicable - but perhaps you should question your own tolerance. Your friends and family may well condemn him, but you have shown in the past that you are willing to accept his ways. In the not-too-distant past I was in a very similar situation. Initially I grew embittered towards the woman I was with, but in time the recognition that I had tolerated her betrayals and dishonesty grew. I managed to get myself out of that situation, but it had potentially ruinous consequences, specifically for my academic life. Your studies will almost certainly offer you more in the way of a promising future than he could. I cannot advise you on the potential financial difficulties facing you, should you leave him, but the emotional, psychological, and professional impact that staying with him will have is potentially far more worrying. This may not have helped you in any way, but please accept my goodwill and best wishes.

Crush on a supervisor lead to much turmoil

I replied to the other thread about this type of issue. From the outset I nipped the situation in the bud, realising as I did that I had too much to lose by letting my work slip. While none of us are robots, the importance of prioritising our academic work over any emotional ties (barring those of very close family or long-term friends) is crucial.

The man that you refer to is established in his career. Regardless of your actions, he will continue as an academic, making personal and professional progress. It is likely that he will attract the same sort of attentions from other students - in essence his personal and professional options will not be affected by your eventual decision.

Emotional entanglements, whether real or ideal, are the graveyard of academic ambitions. I use the word 'entanglements' knowingly, lest I be accused of dismissing the benefits that fruitful relationships can bring to scholarly work.

Modern art? For or against?

Quote From sneaks:

I think art should be about skill - any one can not make their bed! If I am going to pay to see something or pay for something for my wall it better be GOOD in terms of skill level. My dad is a much better artist than most modern artists and he makes stuff that require creativity and skill, patience and ability. I really hate those rothko ones, I mean, they're just colour swatches!

Yes, talent must be a basic criterion. Faced with the prospect of reproducing a Bernini sculpture or an unmade bed, it's not all that difficult to imagine what one would opt for. Cue the champions of the people and their diatribes against elitism!

I fancy my supervisor

Quote From Phd_smug:

Ok, I know, I know it sounds really trite and obvious- but I am desperate for some advice. I just don't know what to do... I started my phd in oct and at first I thought my supervisor was a nice guy (professionally speaking of course) but the more time I spend with him the more I enjoy his company and to cut a long story short... I think I really really like him! he is pretty hot! gosh, it is just so liberating to type this out! I have told NO-ONE! the problem is this: I don't want anything to happen - he is much older and married (and I am sure he doesn't feel the same anyway, he gives no indication that he feels anything execpt a professional concern for my welfare etc) but I just cannot concentrate on my work- I keep making excuses to walk past his office and be in the corridor by the printer!! how childish! And when we have meetings I get tongue tied and am unable to come up with inteligent input - he must think I am an idiot! so, how to deal with unrequited feelings? how to put the butterflies in my stomach and the whirling in my head out of my mind so that I can get on with my bloody PhD!?
any advice, v greatfully received x :$

A number of months ago I found myself in a similar situation. I found one of my lecturers erm . . . deeply alluring. However, I did everything I could to avoid her, even to the extent of ensuring I would get a different supervisor for my M.Phil. dissertation. I wasn't willing to allow any emotional attachments to impede my academic progress. Initially I became very vocal in her seminars to the point of showing off and spent quite a lot of time talking to her after each of them in order to flirt! I'm convinced she gauged my intentions, but I never made any definitive attempts to express my interest. I realise it's more difficult for you, given this man's status as your supervisor and his marital circumstances. This reply may not help you in any way, but I can imagine how you might be feeling.

I got a Distinction on my MA :)

Quote From fricklesnarp:

Hi everyone

Just got my results for my MA in English Literature and I got a Distinction :)

I'm really pleased, but it was a real struggle at times, the workload was crazy and I had a lot of doubts about my own abilities along the way. However, there were lots of people on this forum who supported me and gave me good advice and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all their help and words of encouragement, and to wish everyone who's still studying all the best of luck with their work :)

Thanks guys :)

Hi Fricklesnarp,

I am genuinely pleased to read about your success. We encountered very similar problems. My tortuous wait goes on . . .

Bedtime stories!

It is a very good idea. I use audiobooks quite frequently (they certainly spare my eyes). For large works such as Ulysses they can be very useful (the unabridged version consists of 32 CDs!).

I did it!!!! yipeeeeee (My Phd Viva story)

Well done Lara. My viva seems light years away, but it is so encouraging to read about your experiences. Your words will continue to inspire many people here.

Reading / Study Practices

In much of my undergraduate and postgraduate work I read and wrote very much according to the clock. This involved a strict adherence to half-hour slots, followed by breaks of five minutes. The problem with this method is that it seems to preclude the sort of passionate absorption in texts that characterised my pre-university reading. I mostly found myself watching the clock to ensure I stayed within my timed limits, thereby reducing my concentration levels.

Now that I am a Ph.D. student working on authors who have been of the utmost personal significance to me, I do not wish to simply indulge in a formal academic exercise. I would like to know how other people approach their reading.

Bit of help for a mate

Quote From liminalplace:

hmmm interesting through the u she is doing her PhD at. Its in the South of Ireland, would that make a difference?

Not necessarily. In my University (TCD) there is a Student Assistance Fund.

Accountability Partners - Write your Dissertation in 15 Minutes a Day

Quote From Lara:

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Aww thanks so much Sheena, Ruby and Alpacalover really appreciate the support guys!!

edit: well i did as much cramming in as possible. but i think its best i get an early night and sleep. instead of cramming anymore. whatever i know by now is enough. i have to get up at 6am. so need to be bright eyed and bushy tailed!

i'm just gonna do abit more reading and then call it a night and head to bed.

its weird, but it feels REALLY SURREAL that its not really happening. its really strange feeling. like logically i KNOW my viva is tommorow and i'm gonna be sitting infront of my examiners at 10.30am. but its like so surreal. difficult to explain. i'm just happy to be finally at the finishing line and just gotta get through this last hurdle.

**feel the fear - do it anyway **

Good luck Lara!