Berdfordshire, Sheffield,Surrey and La Trobe in Australia, where do i go for Ph.D please help


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Hey guys i ave spent like 6 hrs on this forum reading posts. (everyone is asleep). I have admission at Surrey(Phd in Hospitality management) and La trobe (Phd in business). awaiting scholarship decisions. I applied studentship at Sheffield(Phd in management research) and bedfordshire(phd in management accounting).

good prospects for getting commonwealth scholarship paying 800 pounds per month.

which one do I go for considering 2. The quality of the degree.3. support from supervisors.

also abt the phd studentship what r the chances i may get the studentship in UK given the following qualifications Bsc(hotel and institution management) 76 points(3.66 GPA) first class hons, Msc (Hospitality Management) 73 points (GPA 3.27) credit both from kenyan university. I did thesis in my Msc. and i have published 4 papers in refereed international journals and co-authored a university level book in Organizational behavior. my area of research focus in performance measurement and management in hospitality and tourism industry.

am so nervous abt the scholarship decisions and studentship. waiting for this decisions has been long. I will appreciate any help.


Hi Bawd

I'm afraid you're way outside my subject area so I really couldn't comment on your prospects. Congratulations on the offers from Surrey and La Trobe though! You will know best what you think of the supervisors at each institute, do consider this well because it will have such an impact on your PhD. As for scholarships - could one of the supervisors who's accepted you offer advice or help with this? Or if you've already applied, I'm afraid it really is just a waiting game, you sound very well qualified so best of luck!


Sheffield is really a very very nice place. Based solely on that fact, I would go there.

Although to be honest mate, I wouldn't worry about it until you've got some funding on the table.


On the subject on places, from a purely lifestyle point of view, I think Sheffield is a wonderful city. I spent my undergrad years there, and a year afterwards too - more students stay in Sheffield post-degree than anywhere else, and it's no wonder. Great facilities, cheap-ish life, friendly locals, not bad weather, good access to other cities, top notch university, redevelopments going on all over the uni and city, and excellent transport.