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Hi All.

Quick question - sending off paper for publication... how do you start your biography ?

Chuff undertaking a PhD with an interest in ...
Chuff PhD student has an interest in ?
Chuff as part of PhD research is ... going mad :-)

What do you reckon, what's the norm ?



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Chuff is a PhD student at the University of X. Her research is a Y of X in W. This project was funded by X and supervised by. (if applicable)


Thanks Chris, I believe its Dr Chris ... i seem to recall reading a few of your trials and tribulations ... and eventual victory. How does it feel ? tempted to do another one ;-)


It is Herr Doktor, actually ;)

I am utterly relieved it is over. It seems unreal. My post PhD life is a sheer relief and I feel mentally and look physically different.

Good luck - you are almost there! keep going!!! :) (up)