Conclusion chapter: Struggling !


After done with the conclusion chapter, rather than being happy I am losing all my confidence. It's been a week that I got feedback in my chapter but hardly I could think of making it better. As per supervisors my conclusion chapter has conclusion, recommendations but no 'implications'. I am tired of figuring out what exactly are 'implications' ? They also say that it does not state its contribution to broader knowledge. Really fade up by now. Please help me understand 'implications' ! how should I make it clearer? thanks, Swetch


Hi Swetcha,

I sympathise with your struggles, I'm bogged down in a political context chapter - ugh!

I would say that 'implications' suggests "What does your research 'mean' in practice?" So, if you concluded that yellow walls in hospitals have a calming effect then your recommendation would be to paint all hospital walls yellow. The implications include cost, choice of specific colour, practicality of task etc.

Or, if your findings were that there are significant gaps in the training of doctors, what would be the 'meaning' in relation to how training would have to change? It's more than just recommending change, it's recognising how that change would have an impact on training in general.

I don't know if that will help, & I'm sure there are many on this forum who are much further ahead than me & better able to articulate this, so we'll see who else posts here!

In the mean time keep positive, you are clearly near the end of this process, & good luck!! Mog (up)


Thank you so much, Mog. I asked my sups the examples and they could not make me understand. After seeing what you said, I think I can now write the 'implications' - the missing part in my chapter. Thank u once again ! :-)