Confused about the methodology chapter and methods ...



I'm a little confused about the methodology chapter and the individual methods section in a specific study chapter, and I'm hoping someone could help?

So I have a qualitative interview based study. What information do I place in the 'Methodology Chapter' and what information related to method goes in the 'Study Chapter'?


I'm in the same position, unsure over what to put in the methodology chapter and what to include in individual findings chapters. I'm still drafting and at this point I'm leaving the epistemological stuff, reflexivity and broad methodological framework in the methodology chapter and just the procedural stuff in the individual chapters. I hope that helps.



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I had a mixed qualitative/quantitative methodology for my study. I also used the methodology chapter for epistemological questions, discussion of different possible methodological approaches, argument on why a certain method or set of methods have been chosen in the end and the broad methodological framework.

In the single chapters I then briefly linked back to the conclusions reached in the methodological chapter, and then described the actual analysis protocol in details. The commission was happy with that in the viva.


Thanks wandering, that sounds good :)