Corections after PhD defense (viva)


I was given 3 months after I defended, but my supervisor wanted me to do more research. I am done with that, but now it looks like my sub-comitee wanted me to go deeper into and correct the writting style of the whole thesis. I only have 3 weeks left, what do you guys think I should do?. Do these deadlines tend to be very rigid? . Well, it is in my benefit to finish it asap, as every extra month means one more month of tuition fees to pay, but I still have savings for another month, and I really need more time (2-3 weeks), so far I am still working as hard and stressed as before my, this is getting a nightmare that never ends.

What do you guys suggest?, any one with similar experiences? (maybe with minor modifications, mayor corrections, etc).



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a. There should be no tuition fees from the day of submission.
b. You should have a list of corrections laid out by your examiners - that's it - you stick to the corrections, not re-write the thesis, unless the examiners have asked you. Your graduate school office also should have a list of these corrections so there is no dispute.
c. The deadline for submitting corrections is fixed.


Tip, review each correction and use track changes in Word so your examiner knows what's been amended. Corrections are tedious, but straightforward. I got 6 months to do mine. They varied from the grammatical to the conceptual.

Dr. Aloha:-)


Well, my institution works differently, you pay fees till your thesis is completely done (my supervisor said that since I extended 1 extra year from the original funding, he won't pay any extra month). My Uni claims it is because since I am doing corrections, I am still using all the University dependencies, computers, books, etc.

As for the corrections, they really had problems with my writing style, so they didn't point anything in particular, but rewriting some chapters, improve ideas and conclusions, etc. They can't put every single detail in paper.

Thanks for the advice thou.

The problem that I have is, that my correction sub-comitee in principle can reject my corrections, and make me take the defense again if they are not satisfied with the quality ( I did my PhD in a top 15-World-ranked University and it is all about reputation for them, although I would rank them way lower in terms of teaching abilities...). Unfortunately my sub-comitee is formed by perfectionists, that have fame of taking long time before publishing (even their students suffer the same). Which tells me that it is likely that they will make my life miserable. In fact, during my defense they were pretty tough ( I have no idea how I survived)