Corrections - how long did you wait?


Am I being unreasonably impatient it's now a week and still heard nothing about my corrections? A friend of mine heard the same day but think that a tad unreasonable. How long did any of you wait?


I still haven't 'experienced' the amazing life of post-submission let alone viva, but one friend waited 6 weeks (international externals), other 3 months (UK externals).


Nearly 3 months, because the official paperwork got lost, then left in people's in-trays. I didn't chase it up at first as was feeling unusually considerate of the administrator's workload, though I ended up wishing I had as the whole business got dragged out for months. You could ask the staff responsible for getting yours sent out, to see what official stuff needs to happen before you get the paperwork. It's Easter soon and people go away on holiday and departments close for a while, so that's a good enough reason to ask!


Firstly, hi 404, long time no speak!

And, just to be sure, are you referring to post-viva corrections? I was given minor corrections (and they were pretty minor) and only the internal examiner needs to check them - external isn't involved at all, fortunately!


Hey DanB. I hope you're well...

I was talking about minor post-viva corrections. Because I am not familiar with the process myself, I wanted to give you the info about externals too (just in case they get involved). Both friends are at UK universities. But since your friend heard the same day, you might hear soon too. It sounds like there isn't a real rule to this.

Good luck with all (and congratulations again for minor corrections. That's fab! (up) )


Yeah, minor corrections is always nice! They were so boring to do though, I kind of felt very detached from them having had my viva nearly 3 months ago and submitted about 3 months before that! I didn't actually fully understand one part they were asking me to look at as it's not something I considered all that important!


Hi Dan, mine (even though minor) went to the external, as he wanted to see the final document. Sent them through on a Friday heard from my DofS informally on the Tuesday and the uni formally on the Wednesday that he accepted all of them. I would wait till Thursday and then gently 'nudge' people. Many people go away for Easter and I know at my uni there is a cut off of May to graduate this year, and that is to have it all bound (which can take upto two weeks). My next challenge is to obtain more tickets for grad!


About three weeks I think - internal was on holiday and then back and very busy.


Pleased to say I heard back today and have been approved :-x

One very happy DanB!


well done, and congratulations :-)




Excellent news. Congratulations!


Well done, DanB!