decisions decisions


I want to pose a question to you all.... to gym or not to gym??

I'm writing a god-awful chapter at the moment, and am in two minds as to whether stick at it for a bit longer in the hope it doesn't take a lifetime to finish, or to go to the gym, do my assigned days training and carry on tonight for a bit.

I'm rubbish with decisions though, so I'm leaving it up to you guys...8-)

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hmm I'm disappointed at the lack of an option purely to eat cake - that would be what I would do (as Sneaks rolls down to the fridge for her 20th mince pie (mince)(mince)(mince)(mince) )


eh, you're surely missing the best option of all, which satisfies cravings, bid to be healthy and work ethic...go to the gym now, and eat cake WHILE you do work later...sorted!(gift)


It's Christmas, you must eat cake, and you can always work tomorrow with a clear head and some new ideas (and satisfied from the cake). M,x(mince)