defining a research topic


Hi everyone,
I'm trying to write up a proposal for a phd in drama. I've had an informal interview and the lecturer asked me to put into writing what I plan to do (in 750 words). She suggested books, which I've read and several others which I found myself. My problem is that I can't seem to narrow down the area that I need to study. The more books I read the more broad my interests seem to become. Does anyone know how specific the proposal has to be or can it be very general? For example, do I need to have an actual title at this stage?


I needed to do a very specific proposal with aims, methodology and justification all tied down even though it will change. Every one tells me though that the final PhD will be quite different.


Thank you for the link. Will try it out. x


Helo Pollyd

The link is good because it deals with the essential points. Also, have a look at: Andrews, R. 2003. Research questions. London: Continuum. ISBN 0-826476-9. This will focus your thoughts on what you want to discover ~ and it avoids giving 'aims', 'purposes', 'objectives' that are seldom precise or met.INSTEAD ~ What is the gap in knowldge that you expect to contribute to, and how do you propose to do that? Answering those questions will give you a focus if set in appropriate theoretical perspectives. How many words are now left over . . . . ?
Best wishes vernon trafford (up)