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When people ask you what your PhD is in?

It depends on who is asking.

Ideally, state your broader subject area, then go in detail highlight the problem you are exploring and possible or proposed solutions. It is a great idea to explain your research to others as you get quite useful feedback.

PhD submitted - no examiner?!

Hi Panny,

Sorry to hear about your frustration, but you are not alone. I had to wait 10 months for my examiners, because of poor RGS staff and RDC committee (3 of my potential examiners) were not approved. I was consistently meeting and emailing my supervisor. You have to be polite with your supervisor as they follow you as a shadow. :)

Submitting without examiners appointment is rare, but if you are ready then you should submit as its not your fault. As ubba suggested, you can nominate your examiner, However, you can not approach them directly.

Final year anxiety

The feeling of failure will stay forever with researchers. When I passed my viva, I called my second supervisor and during the conversation, I told him that I am not satisfied with my work even though I passed. He said, I have spent last 35 years in the research and I have never been satisfied with my work.

You might think, your work is not up the mark. But trust me things will improve as you go. My suggestions at this stage, share your work progress with other friends (may be someone who you trust); try to get their feedback, ask them to highlight the gaps in your research. If you have some quality publications, it will be very hard for the examiners to fail you. Awareness of the gaps in your study is very important; you can prepare your answers for the gaps even if you have submitted your thesis.

Research or Project Funding

Hello All.

my employer funded my PhD and we claim R&D tax credit - its going really good - helping my research and same time supporting our company, my question, is there any other funding sources available for SMEs while same time claiming R&D?

I have 2 more years to go, and in case our R&D fails to qualify in coming years - I am looking for an alternative funding sources, my PhD is part time while I work full time, our company is UK based SME tradding for 10+ years with less 100 employees.

suggestions are highly appreciated.


External Examiner Vs Coauther - no option

Thanks for the reply,

yes you are right, but in our university we are not allowed to do any collaboration,

what you think what should I do at this stage? avoid publication and keep him as examiner; I think If I could get 4-5 publications, chances of getting a pass is very certain, and my focus should be on publications, but sametime, keeping my supervisor happy is important.

Part time PhD in 4 to 5 years?

you can do this, I am working 7 days a week :) (but work is flexible) and a part time phd, I still get time for my studies, and have 2 year old son :) its my 3rd year and I am aiming to complete in three and half years, if I can do this, you can definitely do this, best of luck.

Big problems with supervisor

exactly same thing happened to one of my friend, he requested research school to change his supervisor at later stage, his application was approved and he recently completed his Phd, stress is not the answer please, share your story with other phd students at your uni, get the support from other staff members, I am sure you can do this, you are almost there, so dont lose hope. best of luck

External Examiner Vs Coauther - no option

Hello All,

I have one year to complete my phd, I got chance to share my research with my nominated external examiner - he suggested some 'book chapter' publications - luckily one book chapter approved straightaway and second book chapter is under review and chances of approval are very high, I am also planning to publish a couple of journal papers with him in near future, he is very keen to help also asked to make him my 3rd supervisor which I am doing as he is contributing and helping a lot.

By doing so, (coauther and my 3rd external supervisor), he is not eligible to be my examiner. My 1st supervisor is keen to have him as examiner so that I get passed as my 1st supervisor is extremely supportive in all aspects and I respect him a lot. I am very confused, we have not completed any publication yet; but if my nominated external examiner is removed from coauther list, he won't like it and may be will not work with same passion as he currently do. I am very much worried, I am inclined toward publications and my 1st supervisor is keen to him have as my external examiner so that I get pass easily.

anyone in similar situation, help please.


Big problems with supervisor

Hello Macia,

posts above me are very useful, I recommend to consider advices given and sametime reassert that quitting is not an option specially at this stage.

don't worry about publications, its not always required to get a pass. but kindly submit atleast two papers, and if one get approved before your viva this will give confidence what you require.

best of luck to you.

reference management software

EndNote is famous because it is the oldest, as people find it hard to go for a change, however, Mendeley is far better and user friendly and also have many more features than others; I will definitely recommend mendeley;

Masters' degree classification?

======= Date Modified 15 38 2010 15:38:37 =======
I am not sure but just want to know, how UK degrees are differently classified?
for example, an undergraduate degree

First Class Honours (First or 1st or 1:1 or 1) (70%+)
Second Class Honours, Upper Division (2:1 or 2.i) (60%+)
Second Class Honours, Lower Division (2:2 or 2.ii) (50%+)
Third Class Honours (Third or 3rd) (40%+)
Ordinary degree (Pass)

While Masters
pass - MA, MSc, MBA, LLM
merit - MA (Merit), MSc (Merit), MBA (Merit), LLM (Merit)
distinction - MA (Distinction), MSc (Distinction), MBA(Distinction), LLM (Distinction)

Distinction is clear to me but what is Pass and Merit? how much percentage goes to each?

Hii need help

you can start with broad idea and your supervisor will be able to narrow it down, have a look at this link: http://www.esc.edu/esconline/across_esc/writerscomplex.nsf/0/f87fd7182f0ff21c852569c2005a47b7 I hope it will help you; once you are clear about your research area, then try searching projects etc if you are looking for funded projects, while with self-funded projects you will need to write your own research proposal/research question with your potential supervisors;

Figure/Diagram drawing software?

Invisio - not sure about it but Microsoft Visio is a very useful tool for digital drawings - adobe products are for advance and professional designers. I believe Microsoft Visio will work for you.

Hii need help

Welcome to forum, Your question is not specific and no body will be able to answer such a broad question. anyway, you can search phd offers on this website and some of them are for overseas, IELTS or similar is must and anything over 6.5 is good. to go in right direction first select your research area and then search phd studentship etc

Pamelaspage's Time to Write Up Thread

Please no hard feelings and same time I don't want to hijack Pamelaspage's thread, I think forum is a place where you get/give help without making it personalized. for example, if this thread was about 'need help/encouragement in writing a chapter' then most of the forum members would have shared their experience. phdbug, there are similar threads on this forum and receiving good feedback; but if everybody start their own 'goal' thread, then what you will think of this forum?