Degree title change?


One of my friends is doing a PhD.

His uni changed the departmental structure. Now it turns out that his pending degree promised on the offer letter is no longer available, but it changes to the different degree title as a result.

He's told about this change in the post submission period.

What should he do?


It's difficult to say without a bit more information. Will this harm his employment chances? In my field (humanities), the title of the degree is not hugely important as long as it sounds vaguely related. The thesis topic itself is more important. My degree title is actually quite old-fashioned and not used in the majority of universities that teach my subject.

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If it's just a change of subject title (and he's still doing a PhD) but the research area and material is still the same, I wouldn't worry.

Ask him to have a chat on the phone with his supervisor if only to give peace of mind if needed.


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I am in a department that has nothing to do with my undergrad or my project. I am at best vaguely connected to this department, but will always say I did my PhD in the project area. A PhD is a PhD and he can always say he got in the project area instead of the department.


I agree with what the others have said. I got my PhD a couple of years ago. Nobody has really asked me what the title of my degree is - they are more interested in what it was about/which field it was in. Actually I spent the whole time I was studying thinking I was working towards a PhD in Applied Linguistics - it was only when I got the certificate that I found out that I have a PhD in ...Modern Languages!



Thank you all for your advice.

I sent my friend this link and he was grateful for each message you posted here.

He is bit worried/ashamed as he sent loads of cv to apply for a job and now has to correct the bit in it by sending the right info re:degree title.

We have to wait to see what they say.