Delusion over-And it only took two years


So, I have been fairly happy for two years, reading what Im meant to be reading and now Im 'writing' well supposedly. I've been deluding myself that I'll be fine that all the writing ive done previously will be fine and it will not be much of a problem. But now im just baffled at how difficult this writing up business is, my first drafts are seemingly unattainable, and the constant referencing is just doing my head in.
Who said this PhD was attainable atm im just overwhelmed by the whole thing!

sighs and Hugs D


yes, i felt like that. people tell you its hard but its only until you do it yourself that you really comprehend the herculean struggle of it. the best way (i think) is to have regular pep talks with your supervisors and think of the work as a set of small tasks - these will come together to build the shape of your overall argument. Once you have this, it's a question of refinement and constant recasting.
good luck!


don't worry... am there right now. i've decided to take it easy and do what i can each day. it takes a few revisions for chapter to look decent, so take is easy. after the fourth final draft or so it will be so good you won't believe you're the one who wrote it. and yes, i said fourth... some say eigth... but i think if you're really making a good effort, four should produce publishable stuff... which should be good enough for your PhD. and yes, it IS hard. just hang in there.


Jojo and Aloha are both right! it is really really hard. but the way i see it, like Jojo, I just try to work in day tight compartments, trying to do as much as i can in a day, and then it will come together.. eventually, hopefully

hang in there, we're all definately in the same boat!


Yep, can only agree. When I started and did the reading and data collection I thought it was hard and tedious. Analysing the data was the next step and I thought that was hard as I had to learn more and more about statistics (and I absolutely hate maths). At some stage the whole thing cleared and I loved data analysis after understanding my data and the analysis tools. Now that I am writing up I can definitely say this is actually the worst part of it, or the most difficult part for me, anyway. The problem is I always find something else I think I have to include etc and I can't seem to get it all together, going back to some of the literature and putting bits and pieces together. So, yeah, writing the damn thing is a pain.


you should use Endnote. then referencing is just a doddle...


Thanks everyone for your wonderful messages of support!Must buy endnote!!!!!!