Do you indent paragraphs?

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I can't work out what to do so...


I don't indent the first one of the section but indent all others.


I never used to indent paras but just put the double space...but yest I gave my first draft of my lit review to my supervisor (new Uni) and she told me to indent the paras. I still personally prefer the double space, but Oh well...I am interested to see what others say as well. Thank you for this

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Yeah, my sup indents mine for me when she edits, but its annoying me - I'd rather double space, but I want it to be 'right'.


Hi sneaks,

Quote From sneaks:

my sup indents mine for me when she edits.

Is she trying to be a pain in the arse or does it come naturally ? Seems like a power game to me, silly woman.

Is there a convention in your field, if so.. i guess i would follow suit else.. if you like double space, then double space... make a stand for the little people :-)

I double spaced, although i toyed with the indent but i prefer the look of a bit more white space.

Hope work has calmed down for you now, you sound less stressed ? or are you too stressed to write about it ;-)

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I think she does it because that's how people used to write before word processors - I reckon that it looks nicer with clear breaks. We do have to follow APA format though so I'll check that.

it may be she's going on APA format version 1 (circa 1805 or something) and the updated one is different (?)