Drowning in theory


I'm a sociology PhD and working on my analysis/writing at the same time. But I am drowning in theory and can't put it all together in a way that makes sense to even me, much less examiners! I am doing critical discourse analysis (discourse-historical analysis) within a frame analysis methodology - while at the same time I need to deal with theories of nationalism and secularism. Oh and now the sociology of emotions is a new twist. What I've written so far just sounds like I don't know what I'm doing - so at least it's accurate. ๐Ÿ˜

Any suggestions would be welcome, thanks!


YEP> sounds oh so familiar. It is all about organisation of ideas. I found it useful to do it visually and build up themes from there.

The one piece of advice for right now - go and have a walk for 30 minutes, no phones, headphones and ideally in the park. I am becoming super evangelical about my PhD coach who recommends all sorts of stuff to help with just getting it done!!


We should chat! I am always happy to find a fellow critical discourse analyst. Its like finding pokemon! Anyway, I used DHA for my political science PhD but I combined DHA and historical institutionalism. If you want some advice or want a second set of eyes - we can chat further through email if you wanted to PM me!