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DONT QUIT - here's why...

Hey guys - I am quite new here, and I wanted to share some experience. I hope it helps just one person here because the life of a PhD IS HARD as heck!!

I hated PhD life to start with, I had imposter syndrome constantly - never feeling good enough. I had supervisors that were harder to get hold of than a bartender in a nightclub. When we did meet they were vague, unhelpful and often made things harder. My colleagues seemed to be so much more together than me. On top of all of that I am dyslexic, my relationship was falling apart and I was drinking way too much to cope.


So I decided to do something about it and make some changes. I exercised more, and began to plan - but I needed more help. I came across an online Coach in the UK, someone who has been through it before (actually someone who has STRUGGLED through it before) and now runs successful research consultancies and coaching company and 'gives back' to PhDs who are struggling with super discounted rates.

I wasn't sure at first, but we met weekly, and I was BACK ON TRACK, focussed and feeling much better. Why? He kept me accountable, he understood what it is like, and helped me to focus towards completing.

Moral of the story - reach out and get more help - you are not alone!

If you need a coach - reach out and I can make the recommendation.

4 weeks left! Is it enough?

I don't think you want to quit. and yes, you can do it. If you get corrections, you can manage them.
My advice - get a coach to help you plan and execute to the end. It takes like 85% of the pressure off! I can connect you if useful.

Drowning in theory

YEP> sounds oh so familiar. It is all about organisation of ideas. I found it useful to do it visually and build up themes from there.

The one piece of advice for right now - go and have a walk for 30 minutes, no phones, headphones and ideally in the park. I am becoming super evangelical about my PhD coach who recommends all sorts of stuff to help with just getting it done!!

Should i quit?

I wanted to quit so bad, so many times. The life of a PhD is lonely, difficult and heartbreakingly draining. BUT - I wanted to complete under all of that, and I got help. I reach out beyond my university and got a coach. We checked in weekly, and he kept me accountable and things improved DRASTICALLY!! Lemme know if you want me to connect you!

Should I quit PhD and start full time job with just over 6 months left!?!?!?

I have been through this process so many times... I am so glad I didn't quit. I just needed rest and help from people outside of the study. I got a PhD Coach and was so grateful.

Feeling lost and depressed after thesis submission

Hey Jesse - I get it, and have had similar experiences. Have you tried to get any external support? I also used a therapist at times. I had a PhD coach who really helped me get through the Viva and my final pushes! I can make recommendations if useful?

The fact that you've published 3 times means you are going to smash your minor corrections, if they happen..