English question



I replied a meeting request like this:
"I am available after 9 am every day. Could you please schedule a time convenient for you?"

It's very formal mail and I have never met with this person before. Is it enough polite? As I didn't receive an answer I wonder whether I was not enough polite .



Hi Blue,

Upto my knowledge it is enough polite. The person may be busy or stuck with something else.




Hi Blue,

I think that you question makes it clear what you would like to be done. Even so, and I do not want to be impolite, your English comes across to me as somewhat odd. Again, no offence intended. I am not sure whether you are a native English speaker, I am not. As such I would feel uncomfortable giving you specific advice about this, perhaps you could ask a native speaker or someone on the forum could give you specific directions?



Your reply is fine. Possibly a little formal but absolutely fine, this will not be the reason for the lack of reply.
It might be more usual to use a slightly gentler phrase in your reply such as ' I am available after 9 every day, when would be convenient for you?' however this is not a big issue.



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Friendly always trumps formal in my view, but I do work in a department where there aren't really any boundaries between staff and students, everything is very informal.

As Dafydd says, I'd be more inclined to say something like: I'm free every day this week from 9am onwards, so just let me know what time would suit you to meet.


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Thank you all.
Rick, English is not my native language, otherwise I would  probably have written a better e-mail.
Dafydd and Melsie, thank you for the suggestions. I'll use them for the next time.
By the way he still didn't reply me. I hope it's not because of the way I replied.


Evening Blue,

Sorry to hear that the meeting is not yet arranged, but I'm sure it was not your message.


I wouldn't read too much into it Blue - what I said was just a way to be more informal, but I don't think anyone would choose not to reply to the message you sent. There must be some other reason. Hopefully they get in touch with you soon. :-)