Excited to be starting...


I just wanted to post and say how excited I am to be starting my PhD soon!
I am doing my masters at a differet university and I can't wait to move away and start at my PhD, because it really is the university for the area that I'm studying.
I have had my heart set on a PhD for the last 3 or 4 years or so, and I feel so lucky to have gotten funding. The Uni sent the confirmation through in writing yesterday so everything is pretty much sorted now.

I'm going house hunting next weekend, which I'm realy looking forward to.

Anyone else waiting to start their PhD?


Hi there

Am not waiting to start but wanted to say congrats for getting on your course! Hold on to that enthusiasm too - it will serve you well.



yeah i cant wait! Know i shouldnt wish away time but i cant wait. Have finished all my lab work and am currently head deep in minitab, primer and dambe ( all exciting computer programs) so to be honest anything is better!The problem is my Masters is not linked to my PhD so kind of lost all motivation

Got all my stuff through the other day like my new email address, id card etc and cant wait!


i envy you!


cmcowen- I can't wait to get my ID card and stuff (how sad am I?). I don't get any of that stuff until I register on 1st October.

Luckily though my masters dissertation is related to my PhD. I do still feel a bit nervous about starting though as my supervisor more or less developed the area I'm working in and is very well known. It will be great moving to my new university though (Loughborough) as there is a huge research group, rather than the 2 lecturers at my current university with an interest in my area.