External PhD/ Online PhD


Is it possible to pursue a PhD while you are working? Also, is it necessary to be in the campus of the university where one is pursuing it from or we can do it online too? Do suggest with some universities which entertain such requests.


Hi Adikumar,

I am a full time student and I do not work but there are many of my friends in the department who are abroad in different countries but doing PhD in UK. They do come for supervision meetings in 3-6 months time and they are working full time back home. These PhDs are part time PhDs. Even if I do full time, I work from home and only go for supervision meetings and attend workshops/seminars. It also depends upon yr faculty - I am in Humanities and Social sciences. Since it is not lab based, I have flexibility to work from home ! Hope it helps.


Hi Adikumar,
I'm doing my PhD part time over 5 years, I'm doing it in Bristol but I live and work full time in Ireland. I am able to carry out some reseach in Ireland but the lab work has to be done at the Uni, We use email, phone and sometimes Skype to keep in touch but I also travel over about 4-5 times a year for meetings, short courses ect. My supervisory team came over to me and stayed for a couple of days while I showed them various trial plots, plant samples etc.
I suppose it depends on how far away from the Uni you live, even though I,m in a different country I can either fly over -it takes 45 mins and flights can be as low as £10, or I can drive over using the ferry.
Obviously working full time and then working on a PhD doesn't leave you much spare time so you need to be fully committed to it, I love doing it so that makes it easier.