Favourite ( Favorite) Foods While Studying


What are your favourite ( favorite) foods when studying? Do you have to have some snack or drink handy? ( does research drive you to drink??!) What about meals--do you eat regular meals or on the run, or simply exist on the air?

Me, I find I am cooking more than I have in a long time ( this is due to having to live on a student's budget rather than a professional's budget and eating out gets expensive in a hurry!) and thus, eating a more healthy diet. When studying, I am partial to a constant caffeine intake--coffee, the stronger the better, until about 10:00 a.m. and then diet Coke the rest of the day! A bag of Doritos ( unless the evil vending machine keeps hold of them--alternately, a nice bag of salt and vinegar crisps will do) is a must!


Biscuits. Of any sort.


Normally I eat regularly and reasonably healthily, as for when burning the midnight oil... biscuits are always good as long as they are dunkable hehe.. I also like peanut M&M's when pulling an all nighter.. Oh yeah and toast with Jam is always a good one too!




I'm very partial to dates, especially the big Medjool dates. Sounds healthy but they're full of sugar.


Tea, tea and more cups of tea, until about 7.30pm when it becomes wine, wine and more glasses of wine. Well only when I am feeling particularly stressed, as I am at the moment.
I have my end of year review panel (Jan starter) on Monday and am trying to finish a 10,000 word literature review to e-mail out tomorrow. My supervisor has been critical that I haven't included specific works she has recommended but I have been pointing out that the object of the exercise is to write at length and what I have now is no way going to be the final version so not having a particular work in it yet should not matter.
Oh sorry, off the subject. I am partial to a bowl of Tesco prawn flavoured instant noodles if I can't be bothered to cook.
However I went shopping yesterday and the fridge is full of spinach, watercress, fresh veg, turkey, and I even brough dried fruit to snack on. How long this healthy eating will last I do not know!


I'm with pamw and olivia on this one - tea and diet coke all the way! And in the evenings, for my sugar rush, a big bowl of cereal - anyone else think it's strange to eat 'breakfast' at night?


Strong tea, bananas & cheese on toast for me when I'm writing ...


pizza, pizza, pizza!!!!


Like Pam - tea all day then wine in the evening. No wonder I find working at night so hard.

My weakness, which is rationed, is all kinds of crisps but especially cheese & onion, and corn onion rings. Blue cheese and crackers, salami, pickles. Did I mention wine?


I also like crisps and savoury snacks. I was very good and bought some WeightWatchers diet snacks. The only problem is instead of one bag of normal snacks I have had to have two packets of low calorie ones which actually works out more calories!
I know some people have said doing a PhD has made them lose weight but all I seem to think about at the moment is food and when I can have my next meal!


Granola with yogurt and berries...
Tim Horton's coffee (double-double)

But my secret favorite is Ketchup-flavored chips....I heard once from a US friend that this was a "Canadian flavor", and looked at me appalled that I would eat such a thing!


Coffee and crisps, although the two are mutually incompatible. Which of course means I need to have a break while consuming said crisps. I have an IV line for caffeine supply.


coffee, nuts and dried fruit/raisins (that's actually called "student-food" back home, and indeed has "brainfood" qualities). soups from EAT, PRET, or the university cafe. dried fruit bars, always got some stored in my desk as emergency food. wraps and sandwiches for a treat. "quick-lunch" type "ready in five minutes microwave, just add water" noodles/rice. more often than not, nothing at all (lunch).
oh, skittles and gum bears (haribo) keep me going.


lol chocolate, crisps, copious amounts of diet coke, does anyone find they write much better when slightly tiddly on wine? Is that just me. I have put on so much weight since i started this PhD lol!!!