Finally, viva!


So, I have my viva on Friday!!!!!!!!!!!
I have spent so mnany years on this PhD that I really want (and need) to be over with it.
I have prepared quite well, I think. I have read and re-read and re-re-read my thesis, I have made notes on post its in it, marked the most important quotes, read the most important references, prepared questions and answers, made a list of typos...... So, I think I am ready.
Tomorrow I am flying to the UK and on Friday morning 4 hours before the actual viva, I will have a mock.

Anxiety is getting the best of me....... And let the party begin!
Wish me luck


Good luck! I hope it is a rewarding experience for you and that you manage to enjoy it amidst the stress! Let us know how you get on :)

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Well done Emmaki! Great news and best wishes for the next few hours. Remember anxiety is only that 'anxiety'. It doesn't mean anything-just our anxious monkey minds on overdrive. You will be fantastic.


Wishing you all the best, Emmaki, for this coming Friday. As a follow part-time PhD student, I completely understand how much you want this 6 years + process to be over. Please let us know how you get off!


I was just informed that my viva is going tyo take place a few hours later than arranged because my internal hgad something come up.

I want to think positively and persuade myself that this is just a small delay and noithing more.
So far I am not doing a very good job in persuading me...... But I keep on trying

I will let you all know of the outcome of the viva!

Thank you all!!!!!!