Finished PhD!


I handed in my thesis yesterday! It's all over, what a relief... until the viva!
I feel strangely flat now.


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If you're at a loose end, fancy helping write mine?! Seriously though, congratulations!


Yeah I have a few figures you could sort out for me if youhave time on your hands!

Ahhhh the relief mut be fabulous - I can only dream.....


Well done!! Have some time off for a few days (or weeks).


Not much chance of having weeks off... my dept. are on the ball and have organised a mock viva soon.


Well done, that's great! Another one bites the dust, in the nicest possible way of course... ooh, I wish it was me. Maybe it's a good thing to have the mock viva soonish, at least there will be lots of time to prepare for the real thing.


Ahhhh my dream post - it seems like it will be a lifetime before I make that one lol! Congratulations - enjoy your time off until gearing up for the viva - you deserve a well earned break :-)


Hey - it feels great doesn't it? But I also know what you mean about feeling flat! Everyone says ' wow it must feel great' and yeah, it does, but you also feel slightly weird because now it is all over, you have the viva looming and it is time to get a job!!! arhgh!! BUT, forget that for a wee while, just ENJOY the moment and try remember when you were writing up how much did you just want to be finished??!!



Yes, it does feel good. Thanks for your encouraging words - soon it will be you!....


Well done Aloha, congratulations.

I think it is normal to "feel flat" as this stage, often the tiredness after a lot of work comes after finishing it.



CONGRATULATIONS!! Your accomplishment will be a positive reinforcement for many grad students..


Woohoo! Well done Aloha! I can't wait until I'm at the same position as you...hopefully soon!


Congratulations!!!! I also submitted my thesis on thursday - the deadline was friday 1st nov. soI know how you feel :-)
have a well earned rest! i'm enjoying resting and just watch dvds and relaxing. although in the morning i do wake up for a second and think oh no deadline, gotta get my thesis done lol. and then realise its at senate house which puts a smile on my face hehe.


hey that's great news!!! many CONGRATULATIONS!! (up)(up)(up)


Congratulations, thats fantastic!! I just defended mine and have to hand in the revisions within the next 2 weeks, but only to the advisor, the rest of the members don't want to see them, so almost there. Everyone (myself included) thought I'd be so energized and want to party and all, and after the defense I was exhausted - for about 3 days, going to bed before the kids, I think it all just catches up with you!! But a good exhausted, its all wonderfully good!
Way to go!