First PostDoc interview!!


Hi all,

Well I'm expecting my R&R submission results in less than 48 hours now. eeeek.

This morning, I received an email inviting me for an interview for a postdoc position at another university (completely unrelated to my PhD, but highly relevant for my health psychology training).

I'm absolutely delighted as this is a long term post and will allow me to complete my chartered health psy training.

It's a 30 minute interview with a 5 minute presentation on a research article attached to the invitation email. I need to focus my presentation on statistical analyses used in this paper.

I would be grateful for any tips?!

Many thanks! :-)


Congrats and good luck!!!! I cannot help with advice but I did not want to read and run.


YAY!!!! that's amazing news, and so much more the level of job you should be doing with all your experience!

i have a few post-doc interviews recently so might be able to provide a few pointers. just found out about an hour and a half ago that im starting a new job in the new year! so it is possible!

ive had to do some presentations in interviews recently and i have found that they like them to definitely to be within the time limit, and i also like to put as little text as possible on the slides. if you can communicate an idea with a picture or diagram rather than text, then all the better. also, and this is something that saved my bacon in my successful interview last week, make sure to take printed hard copies of your slides as well as an electronic version! i got into my interview last week to find no PC or projector set up, so my print outs saved the day!

i guess as well at this level they want to see some really critical thought, so dont be afraid to pick the paper apart both in terms of methodology and data analyses. and also maybe add some info about how you would improve the study if you were conducting it yourself. might also be good idea to mention one or two things that were done well in the study/paper, just for a bit of balance.

but the most important thing is to be yourself. its a cliche but true. many times when employers offer a job to one candidate over another, it's due to personality. try and relax, smile and make eye contact with each member of the panel, and show them how great you are!

i'll be keeping everything crossed for you Pineapple! do let us know how you got on. but remember, each interview you do you get stronger and better at them. i have applied for 10 post-doc positions recently, had 4 interviews re, and today bagged myself one in the private sector. so keep the faith as you will get there!

Snelison 8-)


Hi Pineapple,

I'm not sure if I have ever replied to any of your other threads, but I have read them all and am keeping my fingers crossed for your R&R result!!

Well done on getting the post-doc interview too. I've never had one myself but I've sat through a LOT of rubbish presentations!! I agree with all of Snelison's advice - definitely keep the slides as minimalist as possible, there's nothing more annoying than trying to read a really busy slide and listen to a presentation at the same time. The rule is to never put onto a slide something you are going to say out loud. The slides should only contain essential diagrams/figures to illustrate what you are saying. It really helps if you can present as fluently as possible without referring to the slides/notes too much; this makes the presentation much more natural, and more like a flowing conversation. The worst presentations are when people change to a new slide and then announce: 'this slide shows..' then flick to the next '..and this slide shows...' etc etc. It's so much better to have a flowing presentation with the slides just changing seamlelssly in the background to back up what you are saying.

I know it's hard, but really try to use only a few slides - I think it's so much more impressive when people can talk about a topic without relying on slides to prompt them. Only include a slide if it's essential. It takes quite a bit of confidence to do this but I think you will come across much better. They won't be impressed by hundreds of beautifully formatted fancy slides - they want to learn about you and your personality.

Best of luck, and please let us know how everything goes!! We're all rooting for you :-)


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Oh wow, thank you all so much! I wasn't expecting such lovely advice. Really very helpful.

Hi SN! Massive congrats on submitting and your new postdoc job.

Marasp- Hope all is well with resubmission progress.

I'm sitting here literally shaking with nerves/anxiety/worry re tomorrows result. Not good sign at all, but trying to keep myself focused on job apps and job prep,if only to stop me from shaking by concentrating on next steps. I don't think I'm going to be sleeping tonight though!

Oh well, there's nothing I can do now, but wait just a little bit longer. They've made their decision by now. Whatever their decision, I've tried my best with it and tried to meet all their major recommedations and almost all of their minor suggestions. Can't do anymore than that.


Unsuccessful following job interview.

No real surprise as really messed the interview up. Underlying concerns about PhD results is probably not helping matters!

Oh well, good interview experience I guess.....


Hey Pineapple. Don't beat yourself up about it. The great thing is, you were shortlisted out of goodness knows how many applicants, and you don't have your PhD confirmed yet, so you obviously have a great CV. Once your PhD result is sorted you will be able to go along to interviews with that under your belt, and that will eliminate any concerns that people might have. I didn't get the first post-doc I was interviewed for, but I got the next one, and looking back on it I am glad it worked out this way. There is a reason for everything :) I've got all my fingers and toes crossed for your resubmission, and hope that you hear back really soon, all of the waiting must be horrendous. Big hugs, KB


Stay strong Pineapple. Similarly to the PhD searching for a job requires plenty of perseverance. I am sending you some positive vibes.


I'm so impressed that you got an interview!!! I still haven't managed to get past the short list yet..... :-( I'm sorry that you didn't get the job, but getting shortlisted is one heck on an achievement in this day and age in itself! Its all great experience so that when YOUR job comes along you'll be ready for it :-D