first year: humanities


Hi all,

I'm in my first year (beginning stages really) of PhD - and feel slightly overwhelmed by the amount of reading etc. Does anyone have a method of finding, reading, recording material - specific to the humanities? I'm collecting quotes but just know that I will look up a quote in a year or so, and won't be able to find it!

Thanks in advance - hope you're all having a good Monday!!


I have the same problem, not sure where to start with this. I've got a card index file, and a load of articles file, and have tried some sort of system on the computer, but have yet to find one that fits the bill. In fact, I think I am using this as a bit of an excuse to go slowly on the reading. I would love to know if anyone has a really good method.


Would it help to use a bibiographical software package like Endnote? You could store your refs with quotes and key words (I use abstracts and key words). Then you have various ways of searching and grouping. I am drowning in refs and wouldn't know what I've got or read without my electronic library.


I've got a folder of articles and am trying to find a system on the computer that works, but also struggling to find something that fits. Where can you get Endnote from?