Goals for next year?


Was thinking that it might be interesting/motivating to post our goals for next year, then we can see how we're tracking. Will also give us a sense of who's in the same phase of their studies.

So, here's me:
- by this time next year I'll be done! Hee hee! Will have submitted, gotten thesis back, done corrections, resubmitted, hopefully passed, and just be waiting to graduate.

- hopefully will also have moved out of this god-awful town into a lovely big metropolis - with a new job.

- and had a really nice holiday as a reward...

Here's to a productive 2010, fellow forumites!


Quote From Sue2604:

- by this time next year I'll be done! Hee hee! Will have submitted, gotten thesis back, done corrections, resubmitted, hopefully passed, and just be waiting to graduate.

That's my wishes as well. I have to submit by March so expect to have the viva sometime in the summer. Am hoping it goes well, and in a year's time I'll be effectively finished.

No goals re jobs etc. because that's not an option for me. But I'd like the PhD to have worked out ok.

And yes I have an idea of a short trip I'd like to make to celebrate :)


I'd like to finish by the end of next year - by whatever means possible. I've got 1 focus group, 20 cognitive interviews to conduct, and then about 50 or so responses I need for a form, qual and quan data analysis and then I can really write it up.


I want to have a Masters degree that I can be proud of, and by this time next year I want to have started my PhD...total daydream at the moment though! In the new year I'm going to start contacting a few potential supervisors...it feels like its all happening very quickly though, hopefully I'll be able to catch up with it!


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Goals for the year 2010

To have a first draft ready, read and starting to be revised substantially
To have presented at conferences A, B, C and D in that order of importance
To have seen Paper A in print, Paper B accepted, Paper C accepted/under review, Paper D in prep
To have done something significant in my role as section rep for organization X
To have sorted out the post doc plans/apps in the order of Plan A, B and C by autumn 10
To have added 1 more project to the list of 4 already done/on
To have organised 1 event

Goals left over from 2009 and being transferred on to 2010

To have started serious yoga
To have resolved the question of occasional insomnia (it's 4 am now!)
To have paid attention to eating nutritous food, or less ambitiously - to eating
To have overcome the tendency to let other people ruffle my plentiful feathers
To realise that even if some of these goals are not met, it is just fine.

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Bug, I think staying up all night has turned you into a man... But your goals Sound great and sounds like you'll do it, judging by your past posts.

My goals are:

1. Move house, into somewhere much cheaper. As I am going to see a very cheap and good opportunity today, this seems likely to happen soon.
2. Get my upgrade (this would be 6 months early, believe it or not), and will involve producing an outline of the thesis (probably about 10, 000 words) and a completed chapter.
3. Get an article or book chapter accepted for publication.
4, Find a conference or two it would be useful for me to present at: I haven't seen anything for months and that's a bit worrying. Or maybe organise one (must speak to sup about that).
4. Have a really good holiday.
5. Lose a stone in weight.


Hi guys! Good idea Sue...

By this time next year I would like to...

Have all my time 1 data for both samples and have started collecting my time 2 data (or convinced my supervisor to ditch the time 2 plan in favour of a bigger time 1 sample!)

Have my second review paper accepted and in press.

Have analysed my qualitative data and written it up as a paper for submission to a journal.

Have started writing up my time 1 data for both groups.

Have presented my work at at 2-3 conferences.

Get a lot more confident with teaching.

Stay well, retain some sort of social life and get back to my exercise when my foot is better!

I think that'll keep me busy for a year!



Hehe Eska :-)

Hmm the avatar changing was a mini experiment on identity for myself to keep myself busy. I was trying to see if it makes me feel any different, changing my virtual sexual identity on an anonymous forum...

Identity is not my area at all, but I felt a bit weird, and still feel weird when i see the avatar by my name..

my goals - hmm, am under pressure for I feel the clock ticking now, and need to write very fast!


My goals:

-To work my bum off and have completed my MA
-To have started the crazy world of doing a PhD!


Pass my upgrade. (MPhil student status-> PhD student status)


Good thread idea!

1) Finish core research to the point that writing can commence in early 2011.
2) Impress potential post-doc supervisors in US and Europe at conferences.
3) Have a flat stomach with visible abs.
4) Make more friends.
5) Publish two journal articles.
6) Double my income.
7) Win a conference scholarship.
8) Win over the girl that I'm currently starting to see to the point of commitment.

A guy's gotta dream!


Complete and defend thesis by April or May 2010 after handing in in March. Graduate in July 2010. Find a job. Gain back weight I have lost in past few years, especially recently. Size small clothes hanging off so I look like a giant scarecrow :(


Work out what I actually want, decide if I want to carry on or quit before the time for the upgrade.
Get enough done and work well so I can either pass my upgrade or get a good reference and leave my supervisor with some useful research done and hopefully publishable (should be possible as the current plan is for me to spend this year looking at a group of catalysts in detail and to look at different groups in the 2nd and 3rd year).


Well I have no option but to finish in 2010, so that's the number one goal :-) Would love to submit in the next few months, but that looks very unlikely with so much more to do. Looks like graduation will have to wait til 2011!

Also hope to find a 'non-academic' job, but have had two rejections so far :-( Can only keep trying.


1. Get a tan.
2. Brush up on French and Spanish.
3. Successfully organise a conference.
4. Comprehensive plan of thesis
5. First chapter

The first point is CRUCIAL. As for the rest..