Graduated but cannot find postdoc/job


Apologies in advance for the whiny tone of this post and I appreciate that many others are in a similar situation, however I feel like getting it off my chest.

I completed my PhD at the end of last year and have been unable to obtain even a single interview for a post-doc despite applying for several positions every week. Having seen the criteria for these positions I'm convinced that my lack of publications is to blame for this. I have been trying to publish my work for approximately two years now but have faced nothing but rejections (often after making substantial changes to my papers). I have also recently seen papers published that have done very similar research to my own, but better and I have had referees use this as an excuse to reject my work. In addition to my post-doc problems have been told that I may be getting rejected for other jobs for being over-qualified. A Catch-22 situation...

I appreciate that the jobs-market is particularly difficult right now, but wondered if anyone has any advice on obtaining a post-doc or a job after their PhD.


Your challenge is prob. a common one, Cyril + you alone hold the answers to it.

Do some digging within + maybe have a look at the quotations I posted under the "stay motivated" thread. De Unamuno's "Throw yourself like seed" should give you a pretty good nudge in the right direction.

If you're spiritually minded, there's a quote from a poem called "Bees in Amber" which is something along the lines of "He who gives the day will show the way and I securely go". Can't remember who the author is. Its worked for me when I've been really lost

Hope these help


Thanks for your reply. I will have a read of that thread.


I can't offer much but just to say I'm in exactly the same boat and know I'm not the only one. I've been looking for about 18 months now and very seriously looking for about a year (since I submitted). I've had about 6 interviews but no job offers. Like you, I've no publications but don't intend to head down the academic route. I only apply for research posts if they are local to me. I've started looking at going down the self-employment route but am still at the very early stages.

I just wanted you to know you're not alone and I wish you well.