Had my PhD viva


I had my viva today. I'll explain things later when I've got my head together and am at my laptop. I passed with minor corrections. I'm pretty numb at the moment but, yeah, it's over. My external really liked my thesis and said that he hopes I become a social sciences researcher in the next 10 years. What an odd but nice comment.


congratulations DOCTOR :)! I am curious to hear the long version of the story!




Congratulations Dr Wally. So pleased for you :)


Woohoo well done!! Looking forward to hearing your viva story (which sounds like a nice one), but until then, have a good break! :-)


This is evidently viva time :-)

Congratulations Dr Wally, very well deserved :-):-)

Looking forward to hearing your viva story when you're ready :-)


Many congrats Dr W, when you've found your head be great if you could empty it here. (mince)

What a very odd comment(sprout)


Congratulations Dr Walminskipeasucker! That is fabulous news, well done. Would love to hear the details of your viva prep and viva once you have had a celebratory drink or two :-)

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That's brilliant news Wally!!! Well done :-)


Absolutely delighted for you, Dr Wally. I hope you become whatever you want sooner rather than later!


hi wally
thanks for the good news!!!
Im very happy for you
Congratulations :-) :-)
love satchi




Congrats Dr Wal!!! I didn't realise yours had crept up so soon! Hope you're having a fab time celebrating- you deserve it! Best, KB

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Congratulations!!!!!! :-)


Aww, thank you everyone (and have a star, Caterpillar!) - I really appreciate it.

So, the gory details then...

I'd like to start off by saying that it really wasn't that bad. I had two experienced examiners and it didn't feel anything like the Spanish Inquisition. From my newly acquired experience the viva is not a deadly interrogation, it is not aggressive and you should not have any reason to feel afraid (maybe just a little nervous - but that settles). Best way to imagine it, is to picture yourself sitting in a cafe having an interesting intellectual debate on your subject of interest with two equally intelligent companions. Really, all the do is ask for clarification on certain areas of your work, challenge you regarding certain assertions you make with their beliefs. There is not necessarily a right or wrong answer. If you don't know something, or aren't certain, just admit it or state that you will deal with it in further research. Say, 'that's an interesting perspective that I haven't considered'. After all, you're not expected to be omniscient. And the books on viva examinations - pah. I'm glad I never bothered practising the questions in them - because I was asked none of them. You really can't predict what you will be asked - it's so subjective and thesis-specific.
I knew my thesis inside out and a little bit about the broader area of research around it - and that was more than enough. The areas that Bilbobaggins mentions to bear in mind, such as your contributions to knowledge and so forth, really, really are enough. Don't be masochistic and practice a 101 questions - know your thesis, the different sections, inside-out.

I'll put the viva format and general questions in the next post, just in case I run out of space in this post.