Happy bunny!


Just want you to know that my PhD thesis, after 16 days' online presentation to the masses, is already in the month's top ten of all accessed research in my Uni, in all disciplines (and it's such a niche subject!). Don't want to advertise, so won't give the link in open forum.

But I am very happy. It was maybe worth the hassle and grind to discover that so many people from all over the world think it's very important!

I think,ultimately, that's what we're here for. We all want our voices to be heard, by our colleagues, our Universities, and the world.

All of us have done something exceptional. Sometimes, in the mess that is PhD research, we may forget that.


That's lovely news Beajay. It's heartening to hear that some theses at least are read by more than three people, ie the student and the internal & external examiners!

Many congrats to you (up)


265 in 17 days! Wow!!!


And thanks to you Ady, for your support and kindness!:-)


That's great Beajay! It's always good to read great news - thank you.


Latest news - 271!!!


Fab news ;) Congrats! KB


Think I need to sleep more...just typed congratulations in as my username!!

Anyway Congratulations, :-) seem's like you're topic is interesting to a lot of people. I've kinda been thinking mine will be read by bout 6 people - 7 if I make my boyfriend proof read it!


That's excellent news - it's good to know that other people are interested in your work!




Right, I'm now up to 312! So this experience has shown me something important. It's that when your thesis goes online, it might be a good idea to alert people to it - because actually, who knows? Without really thinking that it might make any kind of impact, I'd posted the link on Linked In. When I saw what that had done (the initial stats were 203 four days ago) I just wondered why I was hiding this stuff. So I'm now emailing the people I've quoted, in an area I call a 'splinter in a niche discipline', and sending the link. Some other academics have been so enthusiastic that I've produced something that echoes their findings, that they've written to thank me. We get too used to taking a back seat, don't we? The purpose of learning is to share.