HELP! Corrections to submit today - more minor than major?


Hi All,

So as some of you'll remember I passed my viva in January with minor corrections.
As usual (*le sigh*) I have left things to the last minute. In my defence, I've been teaching a lot this semester. Anyhoo, they're due in TODAY... haha... argh!

I'm wondering if my corrections are actually major rather than minor. I'm hoping that I can just insert a few paragraphs and I'll be ok, but I am not so sure.

There are four points, two of which are definitely reasonably small (they say things like 'a short section' or 'a couple of sentences').
But one of them is that I need a 'a more substantial and distinct theoretical framework section'. In that they want to see some definitions of some terms I assumed that the reader would be familiar with. So I have six specified terms to define. I was hoping that I could just do a paragraph on each, and an intro and outro paragraph for the section and be done with it... I know how to define each term, so I don't have to do any additional reading etc. I really need some moral support - CAN I DO THIS?!!

I'm now panicking that I don't have enough time and that the corrections won't be accepted. I don't have time to show what I've done to my supervisor.
Anyone had their corrections not accepted?



I'm sure you will be fine if you make those corrections as you describe - sounds reasonable to me.

I'm not so sure they care that much when you get minor corrections, after all, at my uni you are able to attend the graduation ceremony without having completed them.

You can do it!


So, I submitted them but it was late. The Grad School sent me a really nasty intimidating email yesterday (day after deadline) but I just wasn't finished. Submitted this morning just after 7am. I am petrified they won't be accepted. I wrote 3,500 in 3 days and I have no idea whether the quality is good enough. I think maybe this should have been modest corrections instead... but at least this way it's done quickly.


Well at least they have been done, congratulations! I think worse case they will ask for further amendments, but this is probably unlikely, I'm sure what you have done is fine.


You've done them, well done! :)


Congratulations on finishing the corrections theboakster! I'm sure a day or two won't matter in the grand scheme of things, I hope you hear back soon to put your mind at ease. I'm finishing off the last bits of my corrections now and can't wait to be in the same situation :) Let us know how you get on!



Thanks everyone! I'll know by 5th April... eeek!
Hope yours are going ok Tulip and are finished soon