Hi, i've completed my viva in march and although it was succesful I was given what my supervisor calls minor-major corrections (officially called major) which means there will be no second viva and the internal will handle the corrections but the corrections are a fair amount.

I am now abroad due to family issues and will do all my corrections from abroad .i am having trouble getting my supervisor to give me prompt feedback and if i dont finish in time for july i will miss my graduation slot.....

how can i go on about this? email feedback is so slow .......i decided to finish all the corrections and then hand it all in as its impossible to get feedback step by step...

anyone in this situation?


Are you able to call your sup and/or schedule phone conferences? This person is probably very busy supervising other dissertations, teaching classes, having a life, etc., so it's important that you take the initiative to communicate. I would keep working on finishing the corrections, but at the same time, keep calling and emailing - frequently! You might feel like you're nagging, but remember the adage "out of sight, out of mind." You need to know if your corrections are sufficient, and you're working within a short time frame.


unfortunately the only means of communication is emails........