Help me , I am clueless!



I had a PhD interview recently and I was told about the result this week. From the letter I understood that I was offered the PhD.. The letter says... " we would like to offer you the PhD if you are still interested" and I gave them a reply mail telling them i was interested and asked about the start date.. so again I got a reply stating that " we need to discuss about some practical things before you start".. what does this actually mean..? does any one know..?
How long does it normally take to get the actual letter .. I mean in a formal way.. I am just confused.. should I think that I have been offered a Phd...?
has anybody faced a refusal after getting an informal acceptance..? does this happen..?
P.S - I live in Europe.:$


I'd say "practical things" = money or lack thereof. Tread carefully.


i dunno they just said "practical things"....


It's end of academic year, lots of academics on holiday / at conferences so they probably can't get answers about exact start dates or work space issues, getting you logins and computers set up etc. I wouldn't worry about it too much , it sounds as if they just need to sort out all the admin stuff at the uni sorted.

To be honest you'd be better asking them directly, we can only speculate!


I too thought of that.. But later felt that It will be too much of bugging.. hmm.. seriously i dint know how to write a mail in this case.. when I try to make it.. it comes in a sort of "bugging"manner...:o if its possible can you help me in this..?