help! what chance do i have with a 3rd class degree?


I have just received my results and have come out with a 3rd class degree. I am heartbroken as i want to go on to bigger and better things but it seems a third is not recognised? I am unsure of what to do next. I am in the process of calling around, however, advice has been limited. I would love to do my masters but do not know where i will be accepted with my grade. Can someone, anyone, spare some advice??


I'm really sorry to hear you didn't get the grade you wanted.
What subject area are you in?
Is there a reason/reasons why you came out with a third that you can think of? If there are, you may be able to talk to admissions tutors at Universities where you might like to study and explain the situation. If you can convince them that you can cope with the academic rigour of a demanding programme, and you can show your passion and enthusiasm for your subject, they may be able to over-look your disappointing result.
Were you near to a 2.2, i.e. did you just miss getting a 2.2? Most Universities take people on for MScs with 2.2s, so if you weren't that far off it, again, speaking to admissions and explaining your situation may help.
Don't worry too much, just keep doing what you are doing, seeking advice from admissions etc and see what comes of it. You can only try.
Hope that helps, and good luck x


You're doing theology, surely?


Ring around universities. Although 2:2 is the usual entry requirement, most unis sees Masters students as a cash cow so the prospect of your fees might be enough to sway them. Nothing to lose, everything to gain!


Thank-you for all your advice, i really appreciate it, i didn't expect feedback so soon. I am in the process of phoning round, but as you stated, with so many universities demanding no less than a 2:2, i feel knocked down before i have even started. I had a rocky year in which i moved universities and my grades were good at first but then i started to average towards the end, due to a mixture of  late submissions and resits being capped at 40% etc. My degree was actually in Business, Finance and management and i feel as though i may have underestimated the finance and accounting elements of my course, so my plea to potential universities is not really founded on a solid excuse. Hindsight is always better and the more i think things over, i begin to highly reconsider wether or not i have the ability for this type of sector (Business and Finance industry that is) or even higher education all together. I just feel immensely trapped, as i would love to build my academic career further. I did work hard but i guess i could have worked harder and/or smarter. i know i have the potential as i did really well on some elements but still ended up with a 3rd. Sorry to rant on, its just this seems to be the only place i can get my voice heard at the moment :-(. Thank-you once again.

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You could look into doing a Postgraduate Certificate or Diploma, as these should be easier to get onto with a third class undergraduate degree. If you do well in the Cert/Diploma some universities allow you to stay on and upgrade it to a full Masters degree.

Another option would be to do the PG cert/diploma through the open university, then go on to apply for the masters degree at the university you want. You would stand more of a chance with a 3rd plus a PG cert/diploma than just a 3rd class degree on its own.