Holist or Serialist?


Are you a holist or a serialist? ( based on discussion of writing styles from another thread)

A holist apparently writes as they go, does loads of drafts, etc., while a serialist likes everything outlined and planned before they proceed.

I am a poster child for holist writing!

Curious as to what others are!


I would say both?! I have tons and tons of notes and thoughts around... but I only write in the form of chapters. I don't write random chunks here and there - is that what you mean by holist? - but do write lots of drafts. Then finish and move to the next chapter.

Um, re-write: If I ever finish this chapter I will move on to the next one!



I have to have each chapter planned out in detail, then i write a first draft, then a second before then changing it all again!! I don't tend to write random stuff either but work on each chapter, so not sure which one i am!!!


Hi, I'm definitely a holist - think my supervisor would prefer me to be a bit more of a serialist!


Hmm, I would settle for being a writer of any sort right now, given that I am putting off writing anything by cruising around this site Hypothetically, I'm probably the one who needs to write lots to know what I'm on about - I've heard it described as 'iterative versus planner' but I guess it's much the same thing. Good luck with whatever writing you're all engaged in and I'm off to find a virtual egg timer...


Isn't a holist someone who studies holes?


and a serialist someone who studies cornflakes...


Nah, all cereals. Fool


am a holist. my supervisors prefer serialists and am having to learn to be one.