How do I write this in a table??

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I have this 8.230E-5

How do I write it to 2dp in a stats table?? Is it just 8.23?

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would it not be 0.00?

is your value not 0.00008230??

apologies in advance if I'm misreading again!

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I think you're right ev. I couldn't remember which way the Es went (8.2300000 (which would make NO sense haha!) or 0.00000823).

stupid morning brain :-(

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well it depends if it's E5 or E-5, I guess. So E5 would mean multiply your value by 100,000 and E-5 would mean divide by 100,000.

That's my understanding anyway :-)


Think it's 0.000083 ie 4 zeros after the decimal place rather than 5. In a table think I'd call is <0.01 or even <0.001 (know that's not two decimal places but shows it's even smaller than <0.01 implies) to make it clear it's not actually 0.

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cheers catalinbond, will do the < thing - I'm doing the proper detailed tables for the appendix so trying to include ALL the detail ;-)


Are all the other numbers in the table like this? If so you can just list them like 8.23, 8.38, 7.14 ect, then in the table name write that they are all E-5...

if that helps

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no, its just one control variable, that is significant in some of the regressions, but has a VERY small beta value in the one i've just run. I've just put it as <.01