how do u guys deal with rejections from journal editors?


I received two rejection letters from editors within one week. So frustrating! I would like to know how u copes with the feeling of being rejected? What do u usually do with ur rejected paper?

I really dont want to read the reviewers comments any more. That really hurts me!



More seriously, every paper should be rejected!
If it is accepted first time, there is a risk that you have under-sold yourself and you should have submitted somewhere better first time.
Just revise (based on comments you have) and re-submit elsewhere.

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Sorry to hear this, it's tough when this happens isn't it? Try to be kind to yourself this week and do something that you enjoy or value.

My process for rejection with papers or journals is the same as unsuccessful job applications or notices. Keep the paper work and article or application, learn from the experience, give myself 24 hours (and no more) to feel a bit down and to regroup. Then look for new opportunities elsewhere, or work on a different paper or application, and plan to go back to the unsuccessful one a bit later.

It's a pretty tough thing to go through the rejection process but what I have learned is that often time, place and luck figure in these things as well. While I learn from feedback and try to take it on board, I try to be discriminating about this and don't necessarily accept every piece of feedback offered without really processing it and seeing whether it feels like it might be 'true' and if it is helpful.


Rejection of papers doesn't really bother me to be honest. When one of my papers was rejected, I thought they had made the right decision, so I couldn't really feel bad about it! I just submitted it to a lower tier journal. If it gets rejected again, I will just keep playing the submission game until someone accepts it.

Rejection of other things that do bother me though.. I do just like Pjlu says.


Thanks you guys for your replies. I am feeling much better now, although i am still not ready to read the reviewers comments again. I think I need some more time. Since my papers are rejected, the only thing i can do is to sumbit them elsewhere.

This publishing game is really difficult. I hope that i will get used to it


It certainly is a taxing process. As others have said, it's best to not become too risk averse and only submit to lesser journals. Savagings are demoralising, and the peer review process is not really fit for purpose. However, most of the feedback is useful and will help you to improve your article. It always helps to have experienced authors to guide you at first. Persevere!


Give yourself a week or more to get over the rejection, then look at the comments, and improve the work based on the comments.

The first rejection is always the hardest. After that, it is much much easier.