How do you rent a room if there's less than one year left?


My current tenancy will end next month, and I'm now looking for a studio flat to rent for next academic year.
The problem is, I'm entering the writing-up stage and I'll need a flat for about 6 months. But I've just browsed some letting agencies' websites and I can see there's no 6-month lease at all for students! Some allows short term leases but it's only for professionals - I don't understand why! If I rent a whole year, and then I finish my thesis and (if successful) move to a job (unlikely in this town), then I can't make sure I can let my flat to someone else, which means I may lose £4,000-5,000! I simply can't take that!
Have you had similar struggles and how did you solve this problem?

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The professional only leases might consider PhD students. I have been in "professional only" houses my entire PhD with no problem.


I know this situation very well. Short term letting is not easy to find. Have you considered moving to a room as lodger? It might not be optimal but would be not bad for a few months.


You can only ask... ask the ones that say 1 year only if they'll be willing to consider 6 months. And ask the ones that only accept professionals if they'll be willing to have a PhD researcher (and say you can provide evidence of income - ie your stipend if you have one). Some will say no but some might say yes - especially given the uncertain times we are in.


Also have you tried things like Gumtree and and also the university's own online database? There's bound to be some that are a little more flexible, especially if you call them and they like the sound of you.


I had this issue during my PhD. However my lease said one month's notice was required before leaving, and leaving early would result in loss of deposit. In my case, it was like 500 euro. I didn't mind that.
From my understanding, if you paying it monthly and leave early, youll lose your depost, but wont have to pay for the other months.


Thank everyone for your suggestions! But I'm still struggling to find a flat -_-


Have you considered widening the geographical area or going for studio instead? Anything to increase your options really...

I wonder if there's a dearth of properties due to the pandemic and people moving less... :/