How likely is it that I can have my PhD wrapped up by December 1st?


- Hand in on Oct 15th

- Viva defense by Nov 15th

- IF I get minor corrections: make these, hand in my thesis and pass my viva by December 1st.


It just depends. It was nearly 3 months after submission that I had my viva, and I received the official notification of corrections after a further 6 weeks because of an administrative mess-up. In the meantime others have turned their PhDs around much more quickly.

I'd also be wary about banking on minor corrections. Many people do - and I certainly hope you are one of them - however it's not entirely within your control and in my opinion it's better to be mentally prepared for a tougher outcome.

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I handed in January - Viva in April (minor corrections - letter outlining them received 3 weeks later) - Completed corrections and handed in in July, they were signed off 3 weeks later by my internal - I was given 1 month to get the thesis bound and handed in - pass list arrived last week (Mid Sept).

I probably could have shaved 2 or 3 months off the time I took to do the corrections and get the thesis bound, but my motivation to jump through these last hoops was surprisingly low!!

Good luck getting 'wrapped up' Tirred!


You are probably looking at early 2015 to wrap it up, assuming all the admin planets line up.


Unless you get no corrections, I find it very unlikely that you will graduate in December.