How long after submitting minor corrections did you hear back?


I received the examiners' report earlier today. The examiners seem pleased with my resubmitted thesis and recommend me to publish it in the near future.

1) I have been asked to change a few, very minor things and submit the corrected, printed thesis to the external in 5 weeks time (they said 3 weeks to start with but they gave me two more weeks to allow for Xmas). Boo! It's scary but what a relief!

How long does it normally take to hear back after submitting minor corrections?

2) Also, surprisingly, on the first page, the examiners' report mentions that I should contact my supervisor at the earliest opportunity in order to discuss the corrections. I thought that the role of my supervisor was over, and that all I have to do from now on is to deal with the internal (who, I must confess, has been very helpful and emailed me that if I have any questions about the corrections, I should get back to him).
After all, the corrected thesis should be submitted for examination to the internal according to the report. Confused.

Thanks in advance.

Mara Sp.



Congratulations :) delighted for you!

My minor corrections were approved in 3 days to enable me to attend my summer PhD graduation ceremony. I think timing varies.

Best of luck


Mine were approved in a day, though they - the corrections - were submitted in electronic PDF form. Only after they'd been approved was I to get the final fancy hardback bound versions of my thesis printed and sent in to Registry.


Oh and when you do your corrections, even if they're minor, draw up a concise summary list of changes in a Word document or similar you can enclose at the end with the amended thesis. So then the examiners can see at a glance what you've changed. This will make the examiners likely to approve your corrections all the quicker.

If your corrections are very minor and likely to be straightforward you shouldn't need to get help from your supervisor I think. I suspect this is probably a standard thing they include in these reports at your institution. It sounds as though you can just deal with the internal.

I had to send my corrections in to the convenor/chair of my viva, who wasn't either of the examiners. The exact procedure varies from institution to institution.


As Bilbo has stated, it varies between institutions.

I only had to wait a day. I submitted my minor corrections as a word document, with a summary of the changes I've made and how I've addressed the examiner's comments. This included an Errata section (so typos) and then an Addendum section (new insertions).

I only had to get them approved by the head of graduate studies in my department, so she approved them quickly so I could edit for a corrected copy submission.


Thanks. I will drop my supervisor an email anyway. All my corrections are straight forward and very minor. Typos, add a couple of lines here, explain something, print your tables instead of having them on the cd (the last explains why they want to have a printed version of the thesis). I don't think that my supervisor will be interested in them, but I will do as requested.