How Long Did you Wait for your Viva?

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Hi All,
I finally submitted my PhD (almost 10 years later!!) in the middle of May. I have heard absolutely nothing from anybody in the university since and just wondering how long others have waited to hear about the viva date. I am most definitely dreading it but think it would be best to get it over with as I'm getting a bit too used to having a life again!


I submitted my thesis early May. I received an email about two weeks later, stating the week the examiners were thinking. The following week I got the date. From submitting to viva day it was ten weeks (viva was last week). There no harm in following up your examination office /dept/ or supervisor. They should be able to give an expect timeframe on when you might hear !


As I was living and working at an other country and I had to make several arrangements in order to attend my viva, my examiners informed me from the day they received my thesis that I would have had my viva in 8 weeks. They themselves were informed about my special circumstances by the admins of the uni.


Definitely follow up. Were your examiners already chosen? If not that could cause a delay but otherwise they usually try to arrange a viva within 3 months of submission.

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Thank you everyone for your responses. My internal examiner had to be changed as the original one had left the department and I see that this has been updated officially on the university's system. I also know that the extern was not available during June as he was still lecturing but I thought I would have at least heard from somebody by now. I'm just a bit anxious as I tend to have to travel for work at reasonably short notice and I would like to get a date set. I think you are all correct and I should follow up and make some enquiries.