How long does it usually take for you to get feedback on your draft?


how long does it usually take for to get feedback on your draft from advior? e.g. for a chapter ? for the whole thesis?


For a chapter, i usually get them all to agree a date when we will next meet and discuss feedback - usually about 3 weeks after I've submitted them their draft chapter.


Hi Bananacake,

for me it usually takes several weeks, in the past longer. Keeping in close contact with supervisor, phoning etc. helps, in my opinion, to speed things up. I usaully have to take the initiative regarding this.


For a chapter (on average) one week max ... but it has been done even quicker than that!


Between two weeks and a month depending on their schedule / other student's needs / the urgency of reading it ...


One supervisor takes anywhere from a few days to a week. The other has had a chapter since the beginning of MARCH and still hasn't done anything with it.


BB, you are so luck


Bananacake - I know I'm lucky - I've got a fab supervisor ... I honestly don't know how you guys work with ones who are 'slack'/you don't have a good relationship with.


One of my supervisors has taken over 4 months per chapter. I think giving your supervisors a deadline by which you need comments by is a great idea... 4 months is WAY TOO LONG!!! Hope you hve more luck than me! One of my friends never got comments back from one of her supervisors so she gave up waiting and submitted... though rather fed up admittedly. Good luck (I'm hoping for quicker turn around for my remaining chapters)


on average one week for a chapter, or two if I happen to submit while my supervisor is away.


I frequently wait two months or more and then that involves a lot of nagging.. despite us having meetings to agree a fortnight turnaround time.. keep at them if its not as quick as you like. I think 3 weeks is reasonable.