How much for proof reading?


A colleague has asked me to proof read his thesis, and is willing to pay me for doing so. I have a lot of proof reading experience, and even worked as a copy editor in the past, but have lost touch with the industry since I returned to academia. My question is how much I should charge ? I know that a professional proofreading service would charge up to EUR500 for a 90,000-word thesis, I don't want to ask for this much. I was wondering if any forum members had made informal arrangements like this and how much they paid? Thanks.


There are plenty of online places offering these kind of services. I chose the cheapest I could find for my PhD, and paid £450 for less than 50.000 words- I suspect that they charged the tables in the word count too. The service was poor, they only checked for basic English mistakes. Some sentences were poorly written, but they didn't suggest re-writing (some bits are hair-raising, really bad). Other more posh services with proofreading and editing by scientists working in the field asked as much as £2500, but my super was not prepared to spend that much. I would honestly have paid the money for a good editing if I had any (but I am broke). I think it is totally worth submitting a document without careless obvious mistakes.

I would assume that for 90.000 words you would probably need at least a couple of weeks work, so you should ask at least for your living expenses for this period.

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Proofreading a 90k words thesis is hard work. It will take you at least 3-4 days (probably more).

Most professional proofreaders charge well over 500 euro for such a job. According to a price calculator I've found you could charge 735 euro. I think that is still cheap.

I've used this price calculator:


See anything between 400-450 EUR is fair enough! But then as the quality in proof reading increases, rates are likely to get modified or alter. If you are asking for 500 EUR then the amount of professionalism in work has to be superior.


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As far as I know, it depends on the level of editing or proofreading he is asking of you. Proofreading services providers out there have different prices for different levels of service

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I think around £400 would be fair.


I guess, it should depend on the quality of a proofreader. And It's fair enough that good and self-respecting man won't work for a song. But the price should be reasonable. Personally, I ask Supreme essay service to proofread my essay. They did their job very well and I got my 'A'. As well you can check the reviews of such services and choose the one that suits you most of all.


Hmm, you know, that is a typical dilemma about the relationship with friends. From the one side, you do your work as a professional, you have a lot of experience in this sphere and, as a result, you exactly have a right to earn reasonable money for that. But from the other side, the man who is asking you to do that is your colleague and if even he said that he would pay the whole sum, he expects for a little discount. So, a cheap proofreading (like this: ) is about 11-20 pounds sterling per hour. But it could differ a little bit.


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